Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am at my workstation. Have not yet plan to get off the office. It feels very cold inside this application area. I just do not understand why do they (MOH) have to put the aircond temperature up to like freezingly cold Antartics.
Went to Pathology / Revenue to attend some daily issue. As per my everyday work routine, creeping around my coverage area is a must as to make sure that the application under my surveillance is running smoothly. Hmmm...... Thank god that i got less issue for today.

While masticating Snacks with Roy, my memory suddenly come closer to something which had happen to my Friend Sis Mahesh last Saturday. She's being snatched while on her way home.Pity that she's suffer of back ache after being pushed by that bad guy from behind.
I really hope that im not getting into that such incident. Scary!!!

Sitting alone at my worstation, i heard noises came from outside. Some sort of a knock sound. i walk slowly to the window & saw a guy.... reorganize some kind of old furniture....... i duuno why do i have to tkae this pics from where i stand.... the view is like nice.....

My messy workstation....... urghhhhhhhhhh

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