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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Salam Ramadhan 2011 / 1432H.

Memandangkan esok sudah bermulanya Puasa, aku ingin mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak buat ahli keluargaku, Sahabat handai, Rakan-rakan sekerja yg beragama islam & juga rakan2 bloggers. Maaf dipinta andai ada salah silap & semoga kita akan diberi keampunan & rahmat yang tidak terhingga dibulan yang mulia ini. Selamat berpuasa, Selamat Berbuka, Selamat Bersahur dan Selamat Berterawikh.....:-)

Zouk Spa.

Having a massage here at Zouk Spa Subang jaya usj 2 after reaching KL from PD. Hard Massage in 2 hours. It's worth the whole body for only rm90.

Port Dickson - End of July 2011 Trip (Part 7)

This is the final Part of "Port Dickson - End of July 2011 Trip".
We had really enjoyed ourselves throughout 2 days and 1 night at Port Dickson. It was such a wonderful experience having a short vacay with my colleague. The most unforgettable experience that we had is the Banana Boat ride. We surely will make it again for our next trip here in the future maybe. So, the final part of our trip will be our trip end. We packed our luggage and drop by at Saujana Seafood somewhere in Port Dickson Town to have our lunch in order to get a spare energy along the way back to KL. Will miss this experience!!!!

My Lunch...... Nasi Ayam Saujana.....:-)
Not Bad....

Port Dickson - End of July 2011 Trip (Part 6)

Our Breakfast at Glory Beach Resort is super simple.....
We're having cereals, sausages, hashbrowns, Fried noodles, Soft boiled eggs, Toast, Spicy Chicken Rendang, Black Coffee and Orange Juice.... yummy..:-)

Port Dickson - Morning View at Glory Beach Resort.

Below are pictures taken right after my eyes wide awake. I Get off my bed and straight away grab my hobbit to take the freshness morning view from our apartment... Good Morning!!!!!!!
Such a nice morning view from our apartment.....

The Banana boat is there waiting for us to have a ride!!! Guess What!... we're having our extreme sports riding the Banana boat and there we go.... falling in the middle of the sea........ far from the beach and it was such a wonderful experience!!!!

Port Dickson- End of July 2011 Trip (Part 5)

We went to Bagan lalang in the afternoon to have our dinner together. It takes around 20 minutes to reach there by car from Glory Beach Resort (The place where we're staying). Bagan Lalang is really crowded with people coming from another city. We are having fun taking snapshot of the sun set before proceed with our Bagan Lalang dine. The sunset is just taken at the beach nearby Bagan Lalang restaurant. Such a nice view..... :-)
Our drinks menu include of Fresh Orange & Water Melon Juice.

Hot & Spicy Asian Seabass (Ikan Siakap).

Spicy Condiment Crab.

3 Flavours Cod Fish (Ikan Kerapu).

Squid with Spicy Condiment.

Lala Oyster... Yummy!!!

Bamboo Shellfish...

Fried Squid...

What a great Seafood dinner.......:-)

Port Dickson - End of July 2011 Trip (Part 4)

We reach Glory Beach Resort at around 3.30pm and it was a very tiring journey but yet fun.

Our stay at Glory Beach Resort Apartment. Nice view of the beach and swimming pool. Nice apartment too...:-)

Port Dickson - End of July 2011 Trip (Part 3)

We stumbled jammed in our journey. There was a really bad jammed happen as soon as we reach Port Dickson due to the Military of Defense Convocation Day, plus the rain falling non stop since we leave Setiawangsa. The main road heading to Glory Beach Resort (Our Booking Apartment) had been closed and there got no chance for us to reach there in a short time as an alternative road need to be taken which is by using lukut path, quite far though,it'll takes more than half an hour drive.

Below pic - Nice trees nearby the beach as soon as we reach Port Dickson and.... stuck in a really bad jammed.

We drop by at Chicken Rice Shop before continuing our journey.

Port Dickson - Updates from Glory Beach Resort.

Im now in the living room of our apartment at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson. Still got so many activity for me to update but i might just continue to write tomorrow. Got to go to bed as i need to get enough sleep for tomorrows energy.

Below pic - i was updating in the apartment living room:-)

At the same time eating this rambutan which has been peeled by Sony and Damian early this evening after we had our dinner at Bagan Lalang. Well, our Bagan Lalang dinner will be update later by today as i need to go to bed now already.

I can see from the balcony that there were some folks is having a barbeque party downstairs nearby the beach... hmmmmmm...:-)

Sweet Dreams Dear Blogger friends...:-)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Port Dickson - End of July 2011 Trip (Part 2)

Our trip destination start at Setiwangsa by taking Sony's car. Sony and her boyfriend Shamim had waited us for the ride and this is the starting of our journey to Port Dickson.

Below picture is our luggage...:-)

Sony's car is ready and so are we. We are so excited to start our journey and can't wait to reach Port Dickson.

The Journey began.........PD....

Port Dickson - End of July 2011 Trip (Part 1)

Well it was actually a trip to Port Dickson which had been plan two months back. The Trip include of Me, Damian, Sony , Low & Shamim. I wake up early this morning and leave home at around 8am to meet Damian & Low at Setiawangsa to have our early breakfast. The location of our breakfast is at a famous stall just behind Jaya Jusco Setiawangsa. Im not quite sure about the name of the famous stall but the taste of the nasi lemak served is superb.
This is the menu i had ordered, a Nais Lemak with Ketchup beef rendang.

Below is Low's Nasi Lemak with a crispy Fried Chicken.
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