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Saturday, December 24, 2011

I.M.Y.A Again....

I came across this pretty photos from my Sister profile pics in Riyadh Through Facebook and it was my Niece & Nephew!!. Miss them a million!!!!! Hope to see them during eid, oh my sounds like a long wait to hug & kiss them...... Eid 2012 will be another 9 months more..:-(

Friday, December 23, 2011


I saw that my blog has been viewed by someone from Riga which i have never in my life heard of that city name. However,... im impressed with the beauty of Riga city after doing some research in the net. Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia.Magnificent... Loves!!! Thanks for visiting my Blog.

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea on both banks of the Daugava river. During the Middle Ages the River Daugava was one of the largest trade routes in Eastern Europe.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Functional Acceptance Test & Origami for my cubicle.

Im so not comfortable with what had happened to me for the last few days. The day at work seems to be so calm with me doing my own work but at the other end, it feels bitter to have being surrounded by people whom mistake pinpointing. Duhhhh,... im so over it. Shut my mouth and there goes me again, in silence. haha.

F.A.T the other day taught me to be calm & to always be prepared. Gosh im so not into it. F.A.T? FAT is "Functional Acceptance Test" or also can be called as UAT- "User Acceptance Test". Hehe... This is what makes me feel really grumpy FOR the last few days. But alas, i act cool. Well... COOLNESS!!!!!!

The F.A.T is upon below Machine for demo with witnesses all over to prove that its officially smoothly running. And it was.... smoothly running. Alhamdulillah. Thanks Fina for backing me up, You're so cool!!!

And thanks to Fariza for giving me those Origami for my Cubicle decor delight. Im so happy for those origami speading some beauty on my messy workstation. Love those!!!!!

My Cubicle after putting those cute origami all over on top of my front cubicle divider. Whoahhhh,.. still look the same,,,,, messy. Hmmm... But at least... :-)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Must watch...

Just came back from Galaxy Ampang with Damian & Sony. Our first plan came about just to watch this Malay Movie titled Misteri Jalan Lama or "Old Road Mystery". Since the ticket was out for promotion $5 per movie so we decide to watch another movie meaning that 2 movies for tonight lol.... How nice..... im enjoying it. Puss in Boots is our 2nd movie pick to watch.
Next Must watch Movie :-
1. Alvin & The Chipmunks.

2. Jack & Jill.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Misteri Jalan Lama.

Still in the office waiting for time to move,.. will heading my way straight to Galaxy Ampang to watch this Malay Movie called "Misteri Jalan Lama" = "Old Road Mystery" together with friends Damian, Sony & a few others. Cant wait to watch this horror movie which for me sounds quite like interesting... The actor is awesome.. Hans Isaac...... Vanidah Imran.... Lj. This movie already can be downloaded through the internet as it was released early this year if im not mistaken in june. Tata guys... gotta go.

Indra and Ilya are on their way home to their home village for the funeral of Iskandar, their father. Indra is the biological son of Iskandar, who is an illegal racer who gambles and owes money to loan sharks who are hunting him. Meanwhile, Ilya is the adopted son who was given to Iskandar when he was passing through an old road 25 years ago. Ilya helped his father build his career and his conduct as a ‘better’ son among the two is the cause of Indra’s estrangement from his family. However as they make their way to the village, they use an old road and gets transported into another world, filled with mystical creatures.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Temporary solutions.

I wonder.... why do IE & Google Chrome is having such a slow upload rate these few days. I even cannot upload photos in Facebook & Blogspot. "No attachment button in Blogspot" and "No image appear right after uploading in Facebook". Has it got something to do with my notebook?.. Bcause i realize im the only one who's having this problem and it was ON MY NOTEBOOK. Tried a few times to upload photos by using my office PC and it seems to be normally functioned. Ahhhhh,... this is ridiculous,.. Not that i know if my notebook has been attacked by some sort of virus since that there are no detection right after scanning. Arghhhh i wonder why???....

Solution : Download & install Mozilla Firefox in a random version, Set it as default & thats about it, Cool eh?.... My Notebook Problem? Ah, I dun think so. Lets try to upload now by using Mozilla Firefox Browser......

Ahhh it works... seems like i will be using Mozilla Firefox temporarily now before finished uninstall & reinstall back my fav browser Google chrome.

Have you guys got any idea or solutions on this? Kindly share if you ever did having the same problem.

Jika Anda masih berfikiran bahawa.....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Kemas & Serabut.

Cubicle colleagues ku semuanya didecor cantik, menawan, comel, warna warni dgn pelbagai corak hasil kreativiti.....Sedap mata yg memandangkan, Kemas. Very delightful i might say.

Ok now, Nak tengok my cubicle?.. Nahhhhh.... kekekekeke....Nampak sgt serabut kan,..dengan nota tampal sana sini. Tapi Orgnyer X serabut pun... Cool ja... hehehe.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Being hit by people's bad reaction and impression when it comes upon their interpretation about you from what they've heard is so not nice. Especially when their wicked mind upon you is so not right. That is what had happened to me today which makes me feel so damn down...Urgghhhh. Hushing myself seems to be the best way to avoid exasperation. I feel so fortunate to have my best girlfriend in the office around to lend me her shoulder. At least that my unpleasant feeling becomes a bit abated.Thanks Achik!. Urmmm,...Was it so repugnant for a guy to be so weak upon facing these small bad encounter and get consoled by a girl?.. LOL!!,maybe it was repugnant but why wouldn't it be?.. Well,whatever as im not bundling myself into an old aphorism.

Yeahh, maybe i might just try to be calm and keep my mouth shut with a hope that i will be able to endure all this sh**. Silence is the ultimate weapon to let someone knows that they did you wrong.

Never forget the power of silence, that massively disconcerting pause which goes on and on and may at last induce an opponent to babble and backtrack nervously.

Monday, November 28, 2011


I just happen to keep my mind pushing myself to sleep early tonight but it's hard for me to do so as it's not my intention to procrastinate my bedtime. Hopefully tomorrow that the day will keep on running well because i think my mental at he moment really can not be too directly hit by an issue from a random arrogant Pathology users. Oh my.. really im now longing for a free golden essential time away from bad encounter at work, especially users. Why do i have to choose to go back to my old workplace? Yeah i know its because of good salary offer but i realize that money can't buy Mind peace. :-(
This is now what i've to deal with. Ahh,..I miss them already,..I miss my RHD friends/ Colleague at Texas Instrument Malaysia & the Philliphines. Suddenly that my mind fly upon them (Ahh out of topic), I got to force myself to go to bed somehow or else that my bad performance switch at work will ruin my day tomorrow.

So now its time for my "Nightwish".
** I wish i was as tired in the evening as i am in the morning right after Gym workout,.. it will make me feel VERY easy to get sleepy once i crash myself on my bed. LOL!!! Goodnight.

On going support that is.

It's Monday and sure it was a public holiday in Malaysia for a replacement of Awal Muharram a day before. And also maybe sure about getting a call from helpdesk soon due to issue occurance at Pathology department which now certainly is under my surveillance. Well,.. it's a Public holley,.. should i just Switched off my phone? I was hoping that my day today will be full of relaxation, full peace of mind, free time for myself,.. WITH-OUT getting a call for IT support. No call from helpdesk please... Ah... actually i was trying to say - No issue to be occur for today please!! SO that the helpdesk will never call me. I really need my day off from work.

Solex yg mampu merantai kata.

~ Manusia sering berprasangka, manusia juga slalu tersilap. Oleh yg demikian, latihlah diri kita utk sentiasa berprasangka baik, kerana tatkala tiba saat kita tersilap sangka, ia menjadi perisai dari dosa ~ Ingat !menceritakn perihal saudara kita yg lain, andai ianya benar, dihitung sbg satu umpatan, andai ianya tdk benar, maka ianya satu fitnah ~ Zikir/diam adalah solex yg mampu merantai kata~

Petikan dari Facebook salah seorang sahabatku yg pernah sama2 berjuang sepanjang berada di Mercy Malaysia.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mendekatkan, Penutup, Penghapus, Pembasmi.

Sekiranya sahabat mempunyai kenalan yang menghidap penyakit kronik (kanser, kencing manis, sakit jantung, darah tinggi dll) pujuklah dia/mereka untuk mengamalkan solat pada waktu malam (walaupun sekadar 1 rakat witir) kerana dari Salman al-Farisi katanya, telah bersabda Rasulullah saaw;

"Dituntut ke atasmu melakukan solat malam kerana sesungguhnya solat malam itu merupakan antara kebiasaan orang soleh sebelum kamu, sebagai jalan untuk mendekatkan diri kepada Tuhanmu, penutup segala kejahatan, penghapus segala dosa dan pembasmi segala penyakit dalam badan."


Verily, We have granted you (O Muhammad (SAW)) Al-Kauthar (a river in Paradise); (1)Therefore turn in prayer to your Lord and sacrifice (to Him only) (2) For he who hates you (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)), he will be cut off (from every posterity good thing in this world and in the Hereafter). (3)


Surah ini paling pendek, hanya mengandungi 3 ayat & diturunkan di Makkah dan bermaksud sungai di syurga.Kolam sungai ini diperbuat daripada batu permata nan indah dan cantik.Rasanya lebih manis daripada madu, warnanya pula lebih putih daripada susu dan lebih wangi daripada kasturi.

Surah ini disifatkan sebagai surah penghibur hati Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. kerana diturunkan ketika baginda bersedih atas kematian 2 orang yang dikasihi iaitu anak lelakinya Ibrahim dan bapa saudaranya Abu Talib.

Pelbagai khasiat terkandung di dalam surah ini dan boleh kita amalkan:-

1) Baca surah ini ketika hujan dan berdoa,mudah-mudahan Allah s.w.t. makbulkan doa kita.

2) Jika kita kehausan dan tiada air, bacalah surah ini dan gosok di leher, Insya'allah hilang dahaga.

3) Jika sering sakit mata, seperti berair, gatal,bengkak,sapukan air mawar yang sudah dibacakan surah ini sebanyak 10x pada mata.

4) Jika rumah dipercayai terkena sihir, baca surah ini 10x,mudah-mudahan Allah s.w.t. bagi ilham pada kita dimana letaknya sihir itu.

5)Jika membacanya 1,000x rezeki kita akan bertambah.

6) Jika rajin membacanya, hati kita akan menjadi lembut dan khusyuk ketika menunaikan solat.

7) Jika orang teraniaya dan terpenjara membacanya sebanyak 71x,Allah s.w.t. akan memberikan bantuan kepadanya kerana dia tidak bersalah tetapi dizalimi.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433H.

“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak mengubah apa yang ada pada sesuatu kaum sehingga mereka mengubah apa yang ada pada diri mereka.”

Perubahan kearah menjadi seorang muslim yang lebih baik tak akan pernah sia-sia, ayuh mulakan dari langkah pertama ini, dari diri sendiri, dari masa ini, dari malam ini, dari saat ini, dari detik ini, sebelum ajal memusnahkan impian suci ini.

Something got to be settled.

Wake up early in the morning and went to gym for my first activity of the day. Aiming of losing weight right after i had it last month and now,.. keep on trying & forcing myself to be slimmer. 68KG to 63kg was just nice for the result so far. Well that is because of this Nice & Fell product i try for about a month ago. Now 63kg to ?? We'll see. I got to try at least through this 2 slim & shaping method (Workout & this nice fee spirulina bowel cleansing thing).

Me, in the afternoon,... Got to go to the office to settle a request from user which need to be settled. Whoaahh,.. ermm yeahh this is my new workplace now & my new office, my cubile is right there at the corner. It's Sunday so,... ermmm what am i doing here... LOL! "Something got to be settled".

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Slap on my cheek and im not dreaming.

Good Morning and well done that i finally make it to get into this page again when i use to love to write something like how it was a month ago and suddenly stopped right after eid?. Need to reduce writing as my daily routine and gonna make it lesser. It'll be good for my own strict hobby of blogging like before. Or if not, i'll get addicted. Duh!!!

Something great had happened for the past 2 weeks where i got an offer from my previous company to join them back working and it was by the way an awesome news for me on that particular day till now. I will be leaving my current workplace and start to have my new kind of work routine back in the Application line. I must've been dreaming but its not,..well after i slapped my cheek and owhh it was sore!!! LOL!! Gonna start my 1st day in the Appliocation line on the 1st November and it really seemed that my lastday will be exactly at the end of this month. Yikes!!!

Well im now on my shift, just only finish joining a Production Stop conversation with Adam Howard, Angel my goodfriend from philipphine and Supports due to Global issue and glad that all mess went back to normal. My early morning in the office now seems to be calm like how my shift started at 7pm yesterday. Yess.. im working 12 hours and it was AWESOME!!!!! 2 hours more for me to go back home.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Berbuka Puasa hari ke-28, Sahur hari ke-29.

Menu ku untuk berbuka pada hari yg ke-28 Ramadhan tadi adalah Nasi Tomato & Ayam Berempah. Juadah ni aku beli kat Bazar Ramadhan Setiawangsa berdepan dengan Sekinchan ikan Bakar. Alhamdulillah untuk rezeki berbuka hari ini.

Sahurku pula agak awal denagn menu yg sama seperti semalam, Mee Goreng. Aku ni malas nak kuar beli makanan time kerja nanti, jadi aku beli awal. Malam ni adalah hari terakhir aku bekerja sebelum Aidilfitri dimana esok petang aku dah terbang balik ke kampung halaman.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunyi, Kenang & Rindu.

Now kat office, kerja shift malam untuk 12 jam dua hari berturut2 sampai esok. Malam ni macam sunyi jer kat office. Yelah sebab dah nak dekat 1 syawal mesti ramai yg dah balik kampung. Turn aku balik pula adalah esok petang hehe. Tak sabar rasanya nak balik kampung. Sebenearnya aku takde lah teruja nak raya, tapi teruja & tak saba nak jumpa family kat kampung jer. Apa yg pasti tahun ni, Kakak aku & family die pun akan beraya bersama. Macam tahun sebelum ni depa beraya kat depa nmyer in law. Gambar bawah, office ku yg lengan dengan meja ku yg berselerak.

Ape yg aku kenang sepanjang Ramadhan tahun ni adalah Terawikh. Tahun ni aku rasa mcm seronok buat Terawikh. Bermula Ramadhan tahun ni la aku berjinak2 pi surau & berkenal2 serta bermesra2 dengan jemaah lain untuk Terawikh. Sebelum ni nak kuar rumah pi surau untuk solat fardhu pun tak terdetik hati ni. Hopefully akan berterusan. Yelah, dah ada member kekeke. Sudah pastinya aku akan merindui saat menunaikan bersama jemaah2 dari Arab, Africa etc yg Study kat uia during Terawikh.

Sudah Pasti aku akan merindui suasana ini nanti. Selain dr itu,... aku tak sabar nak jumpa anak2 buahku dihari raya nanti.

Tinggal sehari jer lagi aku nak balik kampung. Barang2 pun aku belum pack lagi. Alahaiiii sampai umah pagi ni nanti kena gak pack barang sampai selesai.

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