Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Muffins & Butter Cookie.

Untuk diratah kala bosan- Choc Muffin, Blackberry Muffin & Butter Cookie). End shift today kol 11pm. Tak Sabo nak jumpa my bed, my pillow & my bolster then straight away crash it off.

Maroon 5 Concert (KL) Part ll (Photos)

Below are a few photos taken during Maroon 5 Concert.
Before the concert started, the stadium seems to be still less of people. The band is still backstage for a performance preparation.

Audience started to fill the stadium when the scheduled starting time of the concert is about to reach and the place is getting crowded of people.

Haha... The show is started.

Maroon 5 Concert (KL) Part 1 - (Fever)

Semalam aku gi concert Marron 5 yg bertempat di Stadium Bukit Jalil bersama Damian & Low. Ajakan yg mengejut dari my Boss Damian sebab habis2 je shift 12 jam kol 7pm, terus depa call suh datang Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil Tengok concert Maroon 5, depa ade ticket free kata nyer hehehe. Aku ape lagi,"On" Jer la. So Far, concert tu best, tapi masa singkat jer. Sepatutnya start kol 9.00pm, tapi disebabkan masalah technical, kena start stgh jam lewat. Habis lak dlm kol 10:45pm. Rase x puas nak tengok lagi kakakaka. Balik jer umah semalam, aku terus kena fever. Haaaaaaaa,... tajuk post kat atas tu bukan bermaksud aku Fever Maroon 5 tau, tetapi,.... aku kena fever lepas balik umah sebab memang demam betul, seluruh badan panas hahahaha. Nasib baik hari ni aku kja shift petang. Ni datang on duty pun demam2. Malas nak amik cuti sebabnye esok aku dah offday 2 hari, so boleh lepak kat umah.

Ok lah readers, kat bawah ni adalah video yg aku sempat rakam dalam concert Maroon 5. Satu jer cukup la ye, ade byk lg video sebenarnye tapi lagu x full....hehehe. Photos concert lak akan aku publish in later post.

*** Kualiti Video kurang memuaskan, harap maaf. Rakam pakai Henfon camera jer. Kat Bawah ni kedudukan seat dalam stadium hehe, nak tunjuk gak neh, chamner??. Seat Aku, Damian & Low berada kat L1, tengah2 antara L13 & L1.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cool & Kering...

Cool & Kering?.. Apeda Tajuk...kakaka.
Today ditempat kerja, pada mulanya agak free... hehehe,mmg heaven almaklumlah hari jumaat. Pagi aku sgt heaven & peaceful,.. cuma shift partner aku yg agak busy dengan issue depa dgn org Taiwan hehehe, aku goyang kaki. TAPI!!!!! lepas jer masuk kja balik lepas solat jumaat,.... issue aku dengan depa dari malaysia plak yg timbul... Alamak...hehehe. Tapi aku Cool jer,... malas nak emo sgt buat kerja kikiki. Lagi kena liaise dengan org Dallas,.. mampus aku kena sembur kakakakaka.Tapi aku dah well trained,.... Hati Kering ok, Kering.....
So walau ape pun yg berlaku pada aku dalam waktu kerja, as long as aku bole selesaikan,.... Ahamdulillah aku amat bersyukur. Depa nak sembur aku,... ha pi la sembur dgn ape ayat pun,... sebab aku dah immune hihihihi,... Cool & Kering...kakakakaka
Jom kita lari tajuk sat,.... jemput makan cendol Pulut,.. nih tadi aku makan kat luar kawasan office area2 setiawangsa.

To Do List Progress.

WAAAA!!!! I hope that the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) will not fine me for penalty charges for not submitting my salary slip compilation from January till July 2010 today. I could not find it all in my messy room lastnight... I've lost track of where do i compile the stacks lastime....WAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

To Do List.

It's already end of April 2011 and there are certain thing that i haven't yet done.I have to list down of what should i need to do and done by tonight.

1. To compile my Salary slip from the month of January till July 2010 (Lastyear) due to the documentation that need to submitted to The Inland Revenue Malaysia (LHDN) by tomorrow.

2. April 2011 Allowance & Standby Claim!!! Yesss,... i nearly forgot. This is what i have to submit for every end of the month!!

3. To get TAC number from the ATM Machine (My handphone has not yet registered,..My Bad!!!)Need to get the TAC number for flight booking transaction.

4. To book Air Asia tix!! Must be done by tonight or else i will lose the tix promotion price!!! I need to go back to my hometown within nextmonth to visit my grandpa.

Burger Otak-Otak.

Dinner aku malam ni. Burger jer.
Menu : Burger Otak-Otak.
Harga: RM3.50 (Ninety Nine Burgers)


Heboh jer skang ni sana sini bercerita tentang e-Filing. Aku pun sebenarnye baru jer register e-Filing kat LHDN Cawangan Wangsa Maju pagi tadi. Suasana amat sibuk dgn org ramai yg beratur. Dengar2nye last day untuk register e-Filing adalah pada 30 April. So sape2 yg belum ade account income tax, sila lah ye. hehehe.... Gambo kat atas tu adalah borang BE 2009, aku amik sebabnye tahun lepas aku tak lapor jumlah pendapatan aku kat LHDN.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

JOGOYA Japanese Buffet.

This this our group trip of Jalan2 Cari Makan. The venue chosen is JOGOYA Japanese Buffet @ Starhill Gallery Bukit Bintang (Above Picture). We booked a lunch buffet from 12pm till 2pm and it was during the promotion period that we count on the price. Exact price promotion is RM98++ per person, yet 2nd person will be free of charge. We got 6 person altogether so, each will have to pay only RM50...LOL!!! The promotion ends today y'all (27th April 2011).Our group for this trip is including me, Fadli, Damian, Jason, Alvin and Raymond. Well let us see the dishes served by JOGOYA as below.

Above Pic: Coconut will always be a Fav. All 6 of us must get coconut drinks in the 1st place before anything else. There got another lot of drink menus in the list such as Mango, apple, Guava, Chocolate, Kiwi etc which you can chose.

Above Picture: Tempura is my favourite in any japanese buffet. I love its crispiness.

Above Picture: Small Oyster and cuttlefish.

Above picture: A mixture of dishes such as steamed crab, fried squids, samosa, Tentacle with condiment etc...

Above picture: Half cooked egg poured with sweet gravy kinda.

Above Picture: Steamed Fish.

Above Picture: A variety of sushi.

Above picture: This is what i take on my plate hehehe. Tentacle with spicy condiment, Spicy Prawns Ketchup fish and shashimo (pregnant fish).

Above Picture: A variety of cakes including tiramisu for dessert.

Above picture: Muffins & cookies.

Above picture: Last but not least, my favourite... ICE CREAM. This is a new zealand ice. There are two brand of ice creams you can get at JOGOYA which is Haagen Dasz & New Zealand.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's eat Banana.

My stomach is so full right now as i took heavy lunch for today. I am so full of food and i think that the foods i eat at Jogoya yesterday noon are still in the process of!!!
The problem is that i still have a strong feeling to eat. While chatting with my friend Melady in the philliphine, we come across talking about what to eat. Since that she already knew that im full, so she suggest me to just take a simple food to eat tonight such as fruits. Well, i think that's good. Better than to eat junk food, Ahh i need to say no to junkfood starting from now because im quite often munching it. So now, let's eat Banana!!!!!!

Hi Melady, if you read this,.. come and join me!!!!!!

Debt Settlement.

Akhirnya.... Hutang Pinjaman Mara ku sejak bbrp tahun yg lalu dah pun settle!!! Yeahhhhhhh!!
Skang ni xperlu dah aku susah2 nak pikir byr debt ngan Mara Lagi. Anyway, aku ucapkan berbanyak2 Terima Kasih pada Mara diatas pinjaman yg diberikan ketika aku study dulu. Haaaa, kepada student2 yg amik pinjaman pelajaran Mara, jangan lupe, sila lunaskan tanggungjawab anda utk settle semua debt setelah habis study & mula berkerja. Ini adalah untuk membantu pelajar2 lain yg juga memerlukan sumber kewangan seperti mana kita memerlukannya suatu ketika dulu.

Settle jugak akhirnya walaupun aku byk sangat skip byr. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Freshness Green View.

Offday aku today Yeahhh jatuh pada hari isnin...kikiki Love it!!!
I got a lunch date plan today with my officemates somewhere in Starhill. Its gonna be me, my boss Damian, Fadli, Jason, Alvin & Low altogether for a buffet. Can't wait...
Will surely publish where am i going to have a lunch buffet in later post. :-)

At home at the moment, the time is still too early as to prepare myself to go out for the lunch buffet. The day seems to be clearly fine today. Ohhh i olve those freshness green view from my balcony.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Cereal Of Many Uses And Hues.

Rice is nourished by water, earth and wind and transforms into gold. A seed that loves moisture and heat, it demands the sweat of man. As for people living in Malaysia, rice is an important food crop because it is a staple food for more than half of the world's population. As for me, rice is a very important commodity in daily lives. I eat rice for like two times a day (it depends, because at the moment im on a diet). Even my favorite celebration delicacies is made from rice such as Ketupat, Lemang, Kelupis & Nasi Himpit.

Half the worls's population relies in rice for nourishment. Asian Countries re the number one rice lovers and produce four-fifth of the world's harvest. The leading producers are China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.Malaysia is about 65% self sufficient in rice. The rest is imported, especially high quality, fragrant rice.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beef Kebab.

Since that im having a simple & lite breakfast this morning, so there's no need for me to skip my lunch hehehe. I decide to eat a simple menu and choose Beef Kebab.

Lets eat!!!!

To My Grandpa : Get Well Soon.

I've got a call from my mum & Mak Su yesterday noon,... asking me to go back home for a few days due to my Grandpa's health condition. Mak Su inform me that Grandpa's falling down a few weeks ago causing him to walk by using a walking stick.
Im quite shock of the news and since that everyone is worry about my Grandpa's condition, my uncles & aunties frequently come over to Grandpa as to keep an eye on him. My Mum & Mak Su's advicing me to come back because we cant predict what will happen next as my Grandpa's health condition now seems to be really bad. I miss him...

Okay, now i need to find out the best day for me to take a few days leave & book a flight tix back home straight away......... Can't wait to meet my Grandpa. I felt so responsible as to visit him as i feel sorry for what had happened.

Aku doakan moga Nek Haji cepat sembuh & Allah panjangkan usia Nek Haji. Yong sayang Nenek..:-(
14:00pm : I just receive a call from my Sister (Kak Noor) mention that my Grandpa's condition today seems to be a lot better than before... Alhamdulillah.

Roti Banjir (Another term of Flying bread).

I am having a simple breakfast today by eating a Roti Banjir. The recipe comes originally from India (if im not mistaken, correct me if im wrong).Do you know what is Roti banjir? Well it is by the way better known as Roti Canai (Flying Bread. But Roti Banjir is a Roti Canai that have been cut into small pieces and poured with split Dhal chickpeas & spicy condiment on top of it. Some will request for a Fish or Chicken curry instead of split Dhal chickpeas so the gravy would totally depend on people's taste in foods. Check out the picture below, My breakfast menu for today.

Roti Banjir (Top Pic).Im taking it together with a glass of Hot Tea.


Friday, April 22, 2011

E-Laughs - Grass Eating Man.

One afternoon, a man was riding in the back of his limousine when he saw two men eating grass by the roadside. He ordered his driver to stop and he go out to investigate."Why are you eating grass?" he asked one man.
"We don't have any money for food.", The poor man replied.
"Oh, come along with me then."
"But sir, I have a wife with two children!"
"Bring them along! And you, come with us too!" He said to the other man.
"But sir, I have a wife with six children!" the second man answered.
"Bring them as well!"
They all climbed into the limo.
Once underway, the poor fellow said, "Sir, you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you."
The rich man replied, "No, i appreciate you. The grass at my house is over three feet tall!"

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hari nie hari aku rasa malas tahap 80% (ade percentage gak neh, Chamner???) tapi terpaksa gak buat sebab dah termaktub dalam job scope. Xtau nape, maybe sebab ngantuk & Xcukup tido. Huh, nasib baik report aku dah siapkan awal2 tunggu nak submit jer nanti sebelum end of shift, natijahnye supaya aku x kelam kabut:-)
Aku rase x productive gak today,... coz,... xde motivasi kut, ntah lar. Tapi yg pastinyer,.. hanya aku yg tahu & tuhan jer yg tahu...kikikiki. Kat bawah neh adalah Contengan aku kala menyempat kat office tadi?hehehe... ni la hasil nyer... siap dalam 3 minute,...kakakaka!!!!

***** Minda aku now... kat anak2 buah aku jer, rindu sgt2.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Say "CHEESE"!!!!

Good Morning people!!!! Just a bit of sharing for today about cheese.
Cheese is nutritious food made mostly from the milk of cows but also other mammals, including sheep, goats, buffalo, reindeer, camels, yaksand very occasionally horses. Around 4000 years ago people have started to breed animals and process their milk. That's when the cheese was born.

According to a trusted resources, "CHEESE" can reduce the effects of acids formed by plaque and restore tooth enamel deteriorated by eating. Evidently that cheese is more effective at cavity protection than milk, given its higher concentration of calcium and proteins; processed or low-fat cheeses are just as beneficial as aged or higher calorie kinds.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kesan Minum AIS.

Hai Teman2,... Just wanna share something about Icy drinks. Aku akui yg aku mmg banyak minum air berais. Lagi2 Teh O Ais memang kerap menjadi pilihan aku tatkala makan atau saje lepak2, lagi-lagi kalau time panas terik di tengahari buta. Tapi aku pun ade gak minum air panas tapi tak sekerap minum air ais. Rata2 memang gemar minum air berais sebab nikmatnya terasa semasa menelan. Mungkin kita tak sedar tentang kesan jangka panjang minum banyak air berais. Yang kita tahu, air berais lagi sedap bebanding air panas, dapat menghilangkan dahaga sekelip mata. Jom kita ubah pengambilan minuman harian dgn memperkerapkan minum air panas berbanding air berais utk kesihatan bersama. Sila Baca artikel dibawah.

(Dipetik Dari Sumbaer Internet)
Sememangnya sedap minum air berAIS selepas makan. Walaubagaimanapun, AIS akan membekukan makanan berminyak yang baru kita makan. Ia akan memperlahankan penghadaman kita. Bila lemak-lemak ini terbentuk di dalam usus, ia akan menyempitkan banyak saluran dan lama kelamaan ia akan menyebabkan lemak berkumpul dan kita semakin gemuk dan menuju ke arah mendapat pelbagai PENYAKIT. Jalan terbaik...adalah untuk minum sup panas atau air PANAS/suam selepas makan.

* Nota penting tentang SERANGAN JANTUNG!!! Anda patut tahu bahawa bukan semua tanda-tanda serangan jantung akan mula terasa pada tangan sebelah kiri. Berhati-hati juga pada permulaan sakit sedikit-sedikit pada bahagian atas dada anda. Anda mungkin tidak akan mengalami sakit dada pada serangan pertama serangan jantung. Keletihan dan berpeluh adalah tanda-tanda biasa. Malah 60% penghidap SAKIT JANTUNG tidak bangun selepas tidur. Marilah kita berwaspada dan berhati-hati.. Lebih banyak kita tahu, lebih cerah peluang kita untuk terus hidup... Baca ini..... ia juga mungkin dapat menyelamatkan nyawa anda!!!!.

**Jadilah teman yang setia dan teruskan menghantar artikel ini kepada teman-teman yang anda sayangi.....!!!!

Miss them always.

It's my offday today, and it falls on Monday..yeahhh i like it. Nothing much to do, just went to skype chatting with my Bff Jazz & Sam. Alone at home and maybe will hang out later in the afternoon. Suddenly my mind goes to both my niece & nephew. I miss them.....NGANGAH RINDU KAT KORANG...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kuih Gandus & lagi Durian.

On the way balik dari Redbox, aku, Damian & Sonny singgah kat Pasar Dato' Keramat utk mencari tempat makan yg ade jual Bubur durian, maklum shj le skang ni kan musim durian hehehe. Cari punya cari xjumpa, lain yg dicari lain plak yg dibeli hehehe. Nak tau ape yg kitorg beli?... Penah dengar kuih Gandus x?....
Sonny kata pakcik yg jual Kuih Gandus ni penah masuk majalah 3. Ni firstime aku terjumpe kuih neh, nampak mcm biase je tapi lidah ni mcm nak try rase. So kitorg pun order masing2 nak makan bawak balik umah rase..hehehe

Dalam menunggu Kuih Gandus siap masak, kitorg jalan2 kejap mencari durian pulak. Skang ni nak cari durian dah pulak sebab dah xjadi nak cari bubur durian hahaha. Singgah kat gerai sorg makcik nih, dan makan durian kat situ gak. Kitog makan 1 biji durian tekah & 1 biji durian Misai kucing (Nama durian neh aku xtau sgt, makcik tu yg bgtau, ada mcm2 lagi nama durian katanye)-pening aku kakaka.

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