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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sincere Ignorance....

It felt weird sometime when i see or experienced that something goes wrong with how people treated people. Nowadays that i saw people treat & talk & act base on what they think they should do not because of what comes from a sincere heart. I bet it must be because of the environment, the controlled & the way they should act in the circumstances that they are forced to. Everything will be base on the forced circumstances, from their bosses, from their tasks, daily business target, performance target etc,....and whether they like it or not,... or they they becoming to realize it,... they have to treat & act & talk like how they need to resemble so that they could attain their performance in the world full of governance.

Sincerity?... Thats is not important. All are not important in the case of being forced in silent to earn for living. Even sorry will be just a word. This is what will happen when everythings done are not base on purify heart for the sake of god. LOL... i was just thinking,... base on what i saw / experienceed upon my surroundings. People are just like acting in real world. Same as me..... :-)

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than Sincere ignorance conscientious stupidity. Cheers!!!!!! LOL....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Again browsing for a handphone.

Blackberry maybe. I was browsing around Sg Buloh "The Store" yesterday purposely for a personal Gadget survey. I was actually in mind of changing my handphone SO X10 to something "untouchscreen". I had been usingmy SO X10 for a year now and i find it very difficult to send sms as i have to look into the screen just tto type a message. It felt so inconvivinience which then leads to my decision. Till now that im still browsing for a suitable blackberry for a replacement. Blackberry bold or curve?

Below pics is what im thinking of a trade in maybe...... wasnt it a decade ago blackberry product? Blackberry bold 1 9900. I still think its gorgeous, however i still need to look into its own specs & features.

Hard to decide..... but many of my friends are using blackberry... Better than to use something "touchscreen" for a busy person. LOL!!!

Get prepared for another few...

Lastweek on the 14hth was the day of the training which had been tutored by me... lol. The nerve breaking experience ever for me but i just played it cool, Participated by a few doctors, Pathologist & a few hosp general workers. Im glad that i am able to answer the questions from the floor even some of it are beyond my knowledge. Im grateful for that & now that i need to get prepared for nextmonth user training!!!! Whoahh everymonth schedule has been fix that there will be a one day user training till Sept 2012. I guess that i just have to take all the work assignation & responsibility as sincere as i could.

p/s : Above picture is taken during lunch whereby all the participant is having their meals outside & it was my only time to check on my FAcebook!!!!!!....

Being trained to train people....

On the 9th of Feb ago,... i was in the training room together with my 2nd level module holder just to keep me in focus about my module lesson due to the refreshment training which will be held in about another few more days. The whole day in the training room as to be trained to train people had just made me feel like i've lost my brain... well what am i going to do as it was my only option. My 2nd level module holder won't come to teach me if it is not because of this "Refreshment user training" which will be more complicated if i dont have brief knowledge about the application that im going to teach later to users.... :-)
As a whole,... by hook or by crook, whether i want it or not, i still have to do the user training. I guess i have to make myself motivated,..I can do it Yeahhhhhhh.......

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Accompanied by a "CUTE" Creature.

It was a Thaipusam Public holiday today and,.. i m here in the office, studying & revising the IT application transaction of the module that im handling due to "Refreshment knowledge transfer" to Doctors / Scientific officers & Laboratory Technologist which will be held a week from now. Duh,.. Im quite lost on it, need to self-investigate every transaction without a tutor, What a situation right?. I've to know at least 90% of each transaction in the module which makes me feel like ahhhhh i really need a rest. What if let say the respective people that i trained are asking me about something beyond my knowledge,.. Owhhh God,.. It was so nerve breaking to think of such a mess.

I got up,... LOL!! and took a few interesting pictures on my collegues cubicle. Well how sweet of them to keep their workstation into such an adorable viewing with every dolls & flowers on the desk.

Mini Pink Teddy,... so cute.

Angry Birdie???... Whoahhhh

Nice.... some flowers in the atmosphere....

Okay,.. enough about Workstation delight. Now,... since that one of my colleague bring along her baby to the office today,.. i am very happy volunteering myself to be a temporary Babysitter just to fill my boring time away from my revision for a while. Took the baby for a walk in the IT Dept area & take some pictures together. Alas..... accompanying me to do my revision!!!!

ADORABLE!!!!... Im doing my study accompanied by this cute little fella!!!
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