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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monster Inc. Is there a sequel?

It's my offday today, so i had so many things to do for myself. Well, maybe i will have to make up my bed and tyding up my room as my bedroom looks horrible now that it is similar to the situation right after a hurricane AND this will be done right after i had finished watching this movie. LOL!!
Well, i am watching this cartoon movie Monster inc, and i love to watch it again and again. Love Boo so much. She's so cute. Her voice is what i like to hear the most. I was wondering whether there is a sequel of this movie since that i saw that there got Monster Inc 2 while browsing for the synopsis. Im not quite sure.Did you readers know anything about this? Well, it doesn't seem that anyone did right? Hmmmm lets just wait & see hehe.

The Synopsis:
You know when your were little, and you thought monsters came through your closet and scared you? Well, don't take it personally. It was just a job. Monsters depend on the screams of human children to power their city, Monstrapolis. So they climb through the closet doors of kids around the world, and store the screams at Monsters, Inc. This is dangerous work, as every little monster knows that nothing is more toxic than a human child - "a single touch could kill you!" So when the city's top scarer Sully and his friend Mike accidently let in a human child named 'Boo', they'll do anything to get her back into the world she came from. (THIS SYNOPSIS IS COPIED FROM SOMEWHERE IN THE INTERNET. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME!!!)


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