Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Monday, February 28, 2011

Lux New Ambassador (Malaysia)

Lux perfect choice. Love her,... She's lovely, intelligent & able to pull a product. Maybe because she can speak good english as Lux is an international well known product. I have stumble with Fazura once during a Mariah Carey concert at Stadium Merdeka long ago back in 2004. She was with her girl buddies outside the stadium before the concert started i guess wearing all black. I was just standing quite near her but she's not that famous like how she is now back then. I know her as a VJ of MTV & host of Teen Programme at tv2 during that time. Love her now than before. Congrats.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chicken Maryland again...:-)

Teringin sgt nak makan Chicken chop time kat office td so time rehat kol 9pm aku kuar pi Restaurant Singgh de classic utk makan chicken maryland hehehe, agak lama juga aku dah x makan kat sini, asyik2 makan kat canteen jer lama2 boring & ramai sgt org. Time tgh order tadi aku nampak ramai gak family2 yg dok makan kat sana.... meriah je. Teringat plak kat family aku kat kampung, kalau diorg ade kat sini, akan ku bawa makan western kat sini...:-)

Hahahaha, ni kali kedua dah aku tunjuk gambo chicken maryland neh kan hahahaha....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dah Masuk dah.

Kesian aku kat teman2 sepejabat. Masing2 tanya aku gaji dah masuk ke X. Masing2 call aku & masing2 send sms. Ye lah sbb aku yg kja ptg ari ni, aku yg ade kat office so senang sikit nak check kat samada gaji dah masuk ke X kekeke. Aku Jadi point of contact tempat tanya gaji dah kuar ke belum kakakaka. Check punye check, baru je masuk tadi kol 8pm, aku terus call diorg balik, sian gila aku diorg nak pakai duit la tu. Ade tu skang tgh berada kat low yatt nak beli brg tp kena tunggu gaji masuk dulu. Aku ape lagi, tgk masuk je terus bayo hutang Pinjaman pelajaran on the spot :-)

Gol & Gincu (Goalpost & Lipstick)

Dah byk kali gak aku tonton cite neh. X boring sebab suka tgk pelakon2 die especially Fazura & Sazzy. The Movie poster is like so inviting, love it. Now tgh tgk movie ni through Youtube tapi byk kali pause2 sebab tgh handle issue. Kalau issue dah settle, baru sambung tgk balik. 1st time tgk movie ni tahun 2005 if x silap aku la. The story is a "legally blonde" or "Bend it like Beckham" kind of. Cuma Legally blonde xde bola.:-)

Synopsis :-
This movie follows the development of one girl from fashion victim to futsal champion, learning along the way about what is important in life and love. College trendsetter Putri is determined to win back her sports-mad ex-boyfriend by turning into a futsal heroine herself. Facing prejudice and ridicule, and discovering, through her motley futsal team, the many difficulties faced by women in sports, Putri gradually finds within herself the strength and values of a true winner, on and off the pitch.
Cast-Nur Fazura, Sazzy Falak, Ashraf Sinclair, Rafidah Abdullah, Mohd. Pierre Andre, Sharifah Amani, Kartini Kamalul Arifin, Celina Khor, Zarina Zainoodin, Anding

Creating a blog for Alvin.

Got nothing to do with less issue during tonight shift, i have decided to create a blog for my shift partner Alvin. As per Alvin request to decorate his blog by applying a basic black color background all over. Together searching for his suitable blog name is quite a mind pressing when suddenly i came about thinking of Alvin's personality where he is wearing a spectacle...hehe. Alvin agree and TADAAAAAAA!!!!There it is - Alvin Spectacle,... i ve prepared the banner and adding widgets into his blog to make it look quite interesting.
This is Alvin's blog banner which i had created. Too simple, but i love it tho. Alvin also like it.....hehehe

Below is the blog, all in black as per request except for the banner. hihihihi.
Updated on 02:37am

Later on, Alvin Change his decision for me to replace the banner of his blog by using his very own spectacle. I Took his spectacle and find a proper place to take picture and alter it to become alvin's blog banner. Below is the outcome -:

Nice or not?... hahaha Still too simple right but i love it ok. Now that Alvin's blog has got its new 10 minutes made banner.

As for the launching of Alvin's new blog, i gave him a piece of advice, "update your blog and never hibernate quite too long because you already have a private follower, which is me!!! hahahahahahaha.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tau Sar Pneah Biscuit

My supervisor Sonny just came back from Penang for a 3 days course. I came on duty tonight and saw something in the cubicle. Well, she brought us this cake...."Tau Sar Pneah Biscuit" or Green Peas Biscuit or in Malay Biskut Kacang Hijau. hihihihi.

When i open the box,... There got our names on it. How Sweet........

Thank You so much...:-)

3 Days in a row.

Kerja 12 jam since hari selasa lepas, membuatkan aku rase macam xde life. Aku even rase mcm office ni dah jadi umah aku hahaha. Sebab ape, bila pagi kol 7 after duty balik2 umah je terus tido sbb teramat mengantuk. Xbangun2 & tertinggal solat sampai la bangun dekat kol 6 ptg. Bangun, angkat dr katil pi mandi & terus pi kerja balik. Umah aku tu dlm 3 hari ni jadi tempat persinggahan utk tido jer kan. Skang ni aku dah xsabo nak balik umah dan tido, xtau la ari ni aku akan tido dr pagi sampai ptg mcm semalam. Thank God esok aku dah start kja shift mcm biase (bukan 12 jam). Aku Kerja 12 jam selama 3 hari ni pun sebab replace org. Gosh really,.. kerja 12 jam mmg xde life!!! Tapi ye lah... 4 jam tu kira OT. Bagus gak dari segi $$$$ hihihi.

Dah tau akan kerja 12 jam hari ni, aku dah siap2 beli jajan utk diratah kala keboringan. Ye la kja malam kdg2 mmg xtau nak buat ape kalau xde issue. Nak tido xleh, mata kena bukak sebab byk yg nak kena monitor. Best plak sebab leh tgk youtube kaka.

Cmni la rupa workstation aku time aku tgh naip neh (sempat lg aku ni nak snap). Tak sabo ar nak tunggu kol 7am, 5 minit je lg........

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grave Of The Fireflies. (Anime vs Live Version)

This is my most favourite Anime cartoon movie from Ghibli's Studio as I have already watching it uncounted times and will make my eyes watery everytime i focusly observe. I broke into tears when the first time watching back in 2003 because I can feel the sentiment of the story, especially from the main cast Seita (The brother) on taking care of his beloved little sister (Setsuko) and finally lost her by her demise. Furthermore he is the one who cremated her body, alone (a really sad part). It brought out so many emotions in me sadness, strenght,love,passion,­ hope. This is the story of 2 young kids greatly to survive without their parents during the air raid Japanese War.

((Quote copied from website - "Powerful,moving,touching and great are words frequently used by people to describe movies, but this is one of the very few cases where they are most sincerely deserved")) - I totally agree. Go and watched it,.. u'll know.

Synopsis (Copied from website in the net) :-
In the latter part of World War II, a boy and his sister, orphaned when their mother is killed in a firebombing raid, are left to survive on their own in what remains of civilian life in Japan. As the situation grows progressively worse in the war, things deteriorate proportionally on the homefront. We follow Seita and Setsuko as they do their best to survive in the Japanese countryside, battling hunger, prejudice, and pride in their own personal war.
OMG,.. I did not even notice that it has been transformed into a new live version movie instead of anime. I surely aim to look on this for my collection. Just to compare of which version is more powerful as to make me fall into such touching degree hehehehe.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laksa Langgaq.

Beberapa hari yang lepas, supervisor aku ajak makan kat tempat laksa paling best katenyer hehe. Aku ni bukan lah suka sgt makan laksa, tapi once bile supervisor aku kata sedap sgt2, aku teringin plak nak cuba. Bila dah rase tu,...hmmmm,.. ok la, sedap la jugak. Rase laksa, kekeke, la dah tu laksa, mmg rase laksa...hehehe.

Aku xpandai nak rase laksa tu sedap ke x sebab aku x berapa minat makan laksa kekekekeke.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy Sunday.

Its Sunday but am quite busy for the past few hours. Got tomcat servers to be restarted. Can't get my butt off my chair even if i need to go to pee..:-)
Thank to Paulson for the take away lunch as i can't get out of the office as yet.
My menu for today?... ermmm as usual.....

Whooaaahhh!!! Im starving.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Baking Experience (Cupcakes)

Jangan Tak tahu kekekeke..... aku pun pandai buat CUP CAKES!!! hihihihi
Kat bawah ni adalah hasil kerja tangan aku semasa menghadiri kelas membuat Cupcakes dlm pertengahan tahun 2009 dulu. Aku sebenarnya nak buat business Cupcakes secara online pada awalnya tapi terbantut disebabkan aku berkerja. Disamping itu, aku xde perkakas nak buat dan xde Oven utk baking hehehehe. At least kalau ade perkakas & oven, boleh gak aku praktis. Kalau x, aku dah mula business(mimpi ke ape aku neh..jeje). Hmmm nampaknye terpaksa aku kuburkan impian itu buat masa ni. Xtau la in the future,..who knows... hehe. Below is the photos of the cupcakes made by me back in 2009. :-)

At first i thought that it was very hard to bake this small piece, but really find it easy after trying my hands on it. To be frank, im more into decorating these cuppies hihi.

I still keep the recipe given by my baking teacher and will try to bake again if time permits. And after i got all the baking equipment. :-)

Blueberry Cheese Tart.

Hanya RM1 kat kantin tempat kerja ku. kadang-kadang kena tunggu berminggu2 utk Tart neh dijual sebab bukan selalu ade kat kantin, hanya pada hari tertentu je.

Lemak, berkrim, rangup dan cheesyyyyy, gigit sikit tapi rase penuh dalam mulut. Yumm..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spirited Away.

I had been for so many time watching this movie since 2004 and never feel bored to watch it again and again. The storyline is so much fictituous but serves a lot of good value in the main character Chihiro / Sen to struggle upon living temporarily in a different world.

Synipsis as below (credit to
Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl in the midst of a move to the suburbs with her parents, wanders into a mysterious town. It's the "other world" of gods and monsters, ruled over by a witch. There, humans are changed into animals and disappear. Chihiro, who has a listless disposition, must start working at a huge bath house to survive. Can she return to her own world?

Better watch if u haven't...:-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hoping for a miracle. & Laila Isabella

I can't sleep... ermm sbb risau tentang ape yg akan jadi esok kat office. There's something critical happen during my duty yesterday morning menyebabkan aku terpaksa menyediakan laporan chronology utk di post mortemkan pagi ni nnti. Aku betul2 risau. Dahla that chronology report yg aku send kat supervisor aku tertinggal conclusion part....alamakkkkkk!!!

Aku risau tapi aku dah buat persediaan dari segi mental.... kena hati kering gak,.. buat muka selamba & focus je pada ape yg aku buat. My boss nak marah, aku terima je... well, its their right to marah even its not my fault. Waaaaaaa. The chronology report is so damn,... semua mata akan tertumpu pada aku esok maybe hanya disebabkan itu. Im not guilty!!!!!!!
Ape nak jadi esok,.. aku berserah.Inilah adat resam bekerja. Aku kena sabar, xleh nak wat ape dah, melainkan miracle.
Hati aku sedikit reda & lega bila mummy call aku jap tadi. Aku rase tenang skejap... Kalau lah mummy ade disamping aku, mesti aku leh tido. I miss my family...:-(

Ape yg aku buat skang ni?... internet je,... mata ngantuk tp xleh nak tido. Nak tgk tv, nnti tv tgk aku walaupun aku xtido sbb dok melangut. Im hoping for a miracle tomorrow. Okay la,.. now aku nak KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!!!GELAKKAN diri sendiri. OK readers, im off to watch this malay movie in my collection - Laila Isabella. Jap lagi maybe laila isabella lak yg menonton aku tgh melangut kekekekeke.

Laila is a happy go-lucky tomboy and works at a VCD shop, owned by Azam. Secretly, both Azam and Laila are in love with each other but both are loathe to be the first to say it. One day, Laila meets Johan, a dashing gentleman who has just had a fight with his very eccentric girlfriend, Mira. Johan happens to see Laila dolled up like a princess. Laila is doing a favour for Kak Bell, and models in her spare time. She is taken aback by this unsolicited attention from this man, and lies about who she really was. Hence, Isabella is born. Then, begins the adventure of Laila Isabella.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chicken Kebab.

My Lunch for today is Chicken Kebab,..Yummy......

Dreams Back in the day.

I had a dream back in the day when i was a child and i can't recall of my age at that time where till now i still can remember it quite vividly. I was sitting on a flying ship,..

and when i look around... all i can see is ocean.

I just sit on the fying ship and enjoy my every moment on it till the ship come accross a building that look like a Palace with a shape structure of capital letter "L" kinda. It was so beautiful and i want to step my foot on it. I jump over the flying ship and fall into the ocean and manage to swim to the banks of the river. I do not know what is happening after that but that is all i can remember. My dream stops there. But all this while since i got the dream, i was wondering & searching images of the palace i saw in my dream till last year (2010) i had figured it out by seeing this picture while browsing for a news on Palestine. And this building is the palace that i saw in my dream long time ago.... Kinda L shape and look like a palace, im not quite sure but this is how it looks from where i stand on the flying ship. All this while before figuring out that it is the Al Aqsa Mosque, i just presume it is a beautiful palace with an "L" shape in my dream without realizing that it really exist.
Al Aqsa Mosque(The one with the "GREY" Dome)

Al-Aqsa Mosque in Baitulmaqdis is the second oldest mosque in Islam after the Ka'ba in Mecca, and is third in holiness and importance after the mosques in Mecca and Medinah.

Salam Maulidur Rasul 1432 / 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

On the spot invitation.

Sampai2 je kat kawasan umah tadi aku terdengar bunyi riuh rendah, Masih lg dekat lift tp bunyi seakan2 parti karaoke. Then aku lalu kat swimming pool kat tingkat 3 menuju naik ke rumah ku,... bunyi yg riuh2 tadi rupa2 nya ada party. Firstime aku tgk ade org organize party kat swimming pool condo neh hehehe. Nice.
Tetiba on the way menuju ke rumah,... there's an uncle come over and slap my shoulder,.. aku pun terpinga2 kakakaka. Rupa nya uncle tu ajak aku pi jamuan CNY kat swimming pool... berkenal-kenalan sesama jiran & meramaikan tetamu katanye.. hehe. Bagus gak tuh... 1 Malaysia betul lah pakcik neh, aku suka la depa,.... tetiba dpt on the spot invitation hihi. Cuma skang aku rase letih sgt baru balik kerja so rase nye aku x join kut. Lgpun cuaca panas sgt ari neh.

Thank You uncle for inviting.

Nasi Lemak Awek Telekom.

Breakfast pagi ni dengan nasi lemak lauk paru kat stall awek Telekom kekeke. Nape dipanggil nasi lemak awek telekom?... hahaha sebab yg menjual nyer adalah seorang awek,... dan lokasi nye adalah di hadapan bangunan telekom kakakaka.

Aku sebenarnye kelaparan pagi ni td sebab nak tunggu Nasi lemak pakcik kantin bukak. Kebiasaannye nye kalau aku kerja pagi, kat pakcik tu la aku beli nasi lemak sbb stall depa dalam kantin office aku je jadi tak payah susah2 nak berjalan kuar building utk beli breakfast. Lagipun murah. Tunggu punye tunggu, rupanye ari ni mmg depa xbukak bisnes, aku ingatkan ahad pun depa bukak sbb ye la stall depa dlm kantin jer.

Alahaiii terpaksa gak aku berjalan kuar gate beli nasi lemak kat tpt lain sbb perut dah kasi signal kekekeke, cari punya cari last2 beli kat awek telekom jer. Dulu kerap gak aku beli nasi lemak kat sini, tp xleh selalu sbb depa charge mahal sket hehe. Pe2 pun nasi lemak lauk paru awek telekom ni mmg sedap, lagi umpph dr nasi lemak pakcik kekekeke.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lunch treat.

Now still kat office eventhough habis duty tadi kol 3pm. Hahaha, saje je lepak2 sebab balik umah nnti pun Xtau nak buat ape. Ni pun tadi baru balik dari lunch bersama member sekerja Fadli yg akan take over afternoon shift hari ni. Thanks to Fadli for the lunch treat kekekeke... sebab hari ni Birthday aku katanye. Tq2.

Org amik gambo sebelum makan. Aku terbalik lak,.... kikikikiki,.. ni sebab aku terlupe nak amik gambo makanan sebelum makan.

Tak berkira.

Suasana kat office ari ni agak lengang. Aku buat kerja pun agak tenang hehehehe. Sempat tido lagi td, sebab ngantuk sgt mlm tadi xleh tido. Pagi ni sampai office pun lewat sebab aku overslept. Sib baik shift partner aku Alvin tak berkira org nyer hehehe alaa depa pun byk kali dtg lewat dari aku kekekeke.
Today kat office ade byk lak junk food. Tempat kerja aku neh xde pantry & X disediakan makanan utk staff so kitorg sesama staff kdg2 akan sukarela beli junk food & share sesama sendiri hehe,yela at least ade benda nak dikunyah di kala nak mengunyah. Tak berkira, janji kerja happy.


Perlu ke dirai?... bagi org yg xramai kawan & low profile macam aku ni,... sudah tentu aku akan kata...hehehe Xperlu. Tapi, jauh di sudut hati... ade gak rase nak dirai di harijadi. Sedih je bunyi...kakakakaka
So far, birthday celebration yg paling best dalam hidup aku ialah sewaktu aku berkerja di Sg Buloh Hosp awal tahun lepas, gembira rasenye bila kawan2 & boss berhempas pulas menyediakan juadah, birthday cake dan kejutan buat aku dan pada masa itulah aku rasa aku betul2 dihargai. Bila dikenang balik,... ermmmmm hai x usah lah dikenang balik.
Skang, aku sorg2 kat bilik..... bergelap. tgh mengenangkan nasib diri hehehe,..ceh haha. Nak tido xleh, mata masih terbuka luas, alamatnye esok pagi kerja aku kena tapau nescafe pekat lagi la jadahnye. Kat bawah ni lah satu2 nye hadiah harijadi yg aku terima,.. from my friend Abang Faidzal dari Takaful Prudential, tu pun sbb aku amik insurans neh under depa. Alaaa,.. tahun2 sebelum2 ni pun xde hadiah, melalut jer aku neh kekekeke.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make The Days Count.

Yeahhhh!!! My final basic sap training is going to be today!!! Cant wait to finish it. I hope i really do well and will try my very best to finish it.

Snack time with angel.

Boring in the office with less issue. Less issue is good but sometimes boring. Its good that we re doing something during those boring period. Me?.. i eat snacks... kakakakaka.
As for now,.. im chatting with my Philliphine friends. Her name is Melady and she's such a good friend. I called her angel.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Apple Macbook Pro.

My dream notebook. Minat giler aku kat Macbook pro neh. Apepun aku hrp dpt memiliki Macbook pro ni suatu ari nnti.

Nominated? Tawakal....

Tired, even kerja duduk ngadap komputer je. Tapi...disebabkan fikiran penat, badan pun jadi penat sekali. Sape kate kerja duduk x penat? Penat mata, penat minda ok. hihihi
Esok lusa aku dah mulai busy dengan training dan taklimat,.. time offday aku lak tuh. Ermmm xpe, aku redha & terima dgn penuh keikhlasan sbb ape yg aku buat esok & lusa adalah penentu kerjaya & hidup aku dimasa depan. Aku gembira sebab walaupun belum lagi habis training, tapi aku sudahpun di nominated. Nominated utk ape?... Biarlah aku sorg je tahu...:-)
Alhamdulillah, Aku bertawakal. Semoga aku terpilih...Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Aku pernah jatuh. Aku harap usaha ku kali ini tidak sia2 utk memperbaiki diri & kehidupanku. Attach kat atas tu adalah petikan dari blog frienster ku yg skang ni dah terbengkalai hehehe. Mesej yg bagi aku amat bermakna.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chicken Porridge.

Working 12 hours for today, from 7pm till 7am. Exhausted.
Im just having a chicken porridge for supper.....

Nasi Beriani Kambing lauk ayam rendang.

Kat atas ni gambo nasi beriani kambing yg berlaukkan ayam rendang. Aku tunjuk gambo jer, xde recipe sbb aku xtau masak menu neh hehehe. Sedapppppppp, lapo lak ..... nyesal xmakan byk2 ari tu.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Forehead Frown lines.

I think i shouldn't get this as yet. Get what?... FOREHEAD LINES!!!!! hehe Should i? The answer is it depends.

Well i saw a few people younger than me who is having so many wrinkle on their forehead, some got one or two lines but its "deep". All this while i thought that it only happens when people reached 30 and above, something that relates with age, but i was totally wrong. I have met a random person everyday, making friends and a few of them is playing a guessing game on me for their age when i ask for it. So, i just give them the answer base on the wrinkle line on their forehead & maturity looks. If there is lines then i guess he/she must be 29 to 35 years above. My guess is totally wrong when they said they re just like 23 0r 24... well sometimes im correct if the face is still considered younger (childish /fresh teenage looks). I met people aged 30 years and above that doesn't have fore head line as well.

Now that i must say,... it happens to a young people too even for teenagers so make sure u keep on washing ur face every day and every hour(lol), drink a lot of warm water, take less oil dishes for meals, eat more fruits, go for facial / face massage once in a while and live a healthy lifestyle. Take warm water everyday is enough said fine for me.:-)

I saw this question below in Yahoo! Answers when searching for info about forehead lines, as to prove of my statement - forehead lines doesn't has anything to do with age.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crash off.

Cant wait to get myself crash off my bed. I miss my bed, my pillow, my bolster,.. feeling really tired.
Come on 11pm. Cant wait to end this shift and straight away heading home..:-)

My workstation as i left. Bored.......

Butter Chicken Moist Roll

Sambil Tgk Youtube, aku makan Roll Cake neh. Pelik roll cake neh sbb,.. something sweet(butter + milk whatsoever) mix dengan Chicken moist on top.

I just love it,,:-)

Silence Everywhere.

Its been very silent today everywhere even there got a sound of the lrt train nearby. Or is it just my heart feels very lonely and -ve which makes me feel kinda weird. I thought someone is going to move out as i had stumbled with my housemate carrying a luggage bag.

Very silent, not like usual,... and im sure that this is the taste of my "just wake up" feeling which make me feel like the world is in silent. I feel that something is not right but i dunno what it is. This is so wrong, i would rather to ignore hahaha,... im trying!!!!
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