Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Monday, June 13, 2011

Determined to go to sleep.

I was kinda sleepy at work & can't wait to get back home & sleep it off since that my office temperature is cold like Antartics. But now ...........

But now...I got Insomnia again. It's hard for me to close my eyes to sleep as i lye on my bed, How Bad that this happen when im in need of a tight sleep. I could feel my brain & my head is quite like pounding for the sign of tiredness, but yet i do not have any idea why it's hard to fall sleep. Hmmm wutta sleepless night.
Tried to find a way to sleep like how sleepy i am just now at work. Ermmm,..Do i have to do sheep counting? That doesn't cure and doesn't help at all. LOL!!!!

Gotta find another way. Gotta find the cure. Yeahh,.. my monthly claim!!! i haven't finish compiling my monthly claim. Am i able to get sleepy while in the midst of counting & compiling my allowance claim? Was it the same with Sheep counting?. Owhh how i wish i could sleep now. I just need a good sleep. I really am. I am determined to go to sleep now........

AAAaaaahhh How nice..... Sweet Dreams..... dunno when will i get sleepy,.. :-(

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