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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blackberry Bold 1 & iPhone 3gs.

I just got my new blackberry & iPhone 3gs to replace my SO Xperia X10 & 1 of my old Nokia Phone. My main point to trade my old X10 is because of the button easily pressed & unlocked by itself whenever i put it in my pouch which makes me feel quite inconvinence. Just imagine when suddenly that u hear your phone came up with Mp3 song list which is not your phone ringtone, Ahhh,.. and im sick when there's a time after being self unlocked then it dialled to a random numbers in my contacts (and it all happened when it was in my pouch? )Seems very strange right but thats is what can be the disadvantages of X10 sorry to say. Just do not tell me that i need to hold it forever in my palm whenever im running errands,hehe.Sometime its froze so there's no cjoice that I had to restart it.As for the iphone 3gs?.. LOL it's my dream phone & bought it just for my working line Whilst the Blackberry is purposely for my personal contacts.

Below - My previous SO Xperia X10. I love u. You're very pretty elegant but i have to let u go. Sorry darling. Thanks for accompanying me for like 1 year.

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