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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dominos Pizza & Pregger Sista.

My Sis was here in KL a few weeks back from Riyadh purposely for a Medical check-up at Ampang Puteri Hospital due to early stage pregnancy which i was maybe the last person to know this in the family?.. Waishhh what a suprise... Im happy to hear that My niece & nephew will have a new adik to share the love soon less than 9 month ahead.
Having had to follow my brother in law Oustationing around europe / arab and residing at Riyadh will make a hardtime for my sis to budge since that she's now a pregger so there might be a decision for her to stay in Malaysia as my mum will be around to keep an eye on her.

Well,... i was staying with my sis for the whole 3 days they were here at a hotel quite nearby the Hospital. Ahhh glad that my youngest sis was also here as a roomies & I was in a bagpack status away from home for 3 days LOL. Later on the 2nd night,... we went for a Satay at Ampang Jaya. The place was called Zaini Satay, located just next to "Studio 5" restaurant.

Final day, my Sis and Brother in law has to split heading towards their own destination. My sis will fly back to my hometown & my brother in law flee for work to North Carolina while my youngest sis will of course to follow my sis.... hihi. So sad to see them husband & wife temporary splitting due to the condition that is not permissible. Before heading to KLIA,... there we go,.. having our Lunch at Ampang Point Dominos Pizza.. Yummmssss...

1800-888-333 for free delivery...:-)

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