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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Slap on my cheek and im not dreaming.

Good Morning and well done that i finally make it to get into this page again when i use to love to write something like how it was a month ago and suddenly stopped right after eid?. Need to reduce writing as my daily routine and gonna make it lesser. It'll be good for my own strict hobby of blogging like before. Or if not, i'll get addicted. Duh!!!

Something great had happened for the past 2 weeks where i got an offer from my previous company to join them back working and it was by the way an awesome news for me on that particular day till now. I will be leaving my current workplace and start to have my new kind of work routine back in the Application line. I must've been dreaming but its not,..well after i slapped my cheek and owhh it was sore!!! LOL!! Gonna start my 1st day in the Appliocation line on the 1st November and it really seemed that my lastday will be exactly at the end of this month. Yikes!!!

Well im now on my shift, just only finish joining a Production Stop conversation with Adam Howard, Angel my goodfriend from philipphine and Supports due to Global issue and glad that all mess went back to normal. My early morning in the office now seems to be calm like how my shift started at 7pm yesterday. Yess.. im working 12 hours and it was AWESOME!!!!! 2 hours more for me to go back home.

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