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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Functional Acceptance Test & Origami for my cubicle.

Im so not comfortable with what had happened to me for the last few days. The day at work seems to be so calm with me doing my own work but at the other end, it feels bitter to have being surrounded by people whom mistake pinpointing. Duhhhh,... im so over it. Shut my mouth and there goes me again, in silence. haha.

F.A.T the other day taught me to be calm & to always be prepared. Gosh im so not into it. F.A.T? FAT is "Functional Acceptance Test" or also can be called as UAT- "User Acceptance Test". Hehe... This is what makes me feel really grumpy FOR the last few days. But alas, i act cool. Well... COOLNESS!!!!!!

The F.A.T is upon below Machine for demo with witnesses all over to prove that its officially smoothly running. And it was.... smoothly running. Alhamdulillah. Thanks Fina for backing me up, You're so cool!!!

And thanks to Fariza for giving me those Origami for my Cubicle decor delight. Im so happy for those origami speading some beauty on my messy workstation. Love those!!!!!

My Cubicle after putting those cute origami all over on top of my front cubicle divider. Whoahhhh,.. still look the same,,,,, messy. Hmmm... But at least... :-)

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