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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Accompanied by a "CUTE" Creature.

It was a Thaipusam Public holiday today and,.. i m here in the office, studying & revising the IT application transaction of the module that im handling due to "Refreshment knowledge transfer" to Doctors / Scientific officers & Laboratory Technologist which will be held a week from now. Duh,.. Im quite lost on it, need to self-investigate every transaction without a tutor, What a situation right?. I've to know at least 90% of each transaction in the module which makes me feel like ahhhhh i really need a rest. What if let say the respective people that i trained are asking me about something beyond my knowledge,.. Owhhh God,.. It was so nerve breaking to think of such a mess.

I got up,... LOL!! and took a few interesting pictures on my collegues cubicle. Well how sweet of them to keep their workstation into such an adorable viewing with every dolls & flowers on the desk.

Mini Pink Teddy,... so cute.

Angry Birdie???... Whoahhhh

Nice.... some flowers in the atmosphere....

Okay,.. enough about Workstation delight. Now,... since that one of my colleague bring along her baby to the office today,.. i am very happy volunteering myself to be a temporary Babysitter just to fill my boring time away from my revision for a while. Took the baby for a walk in the IT Dept area & take some pictures together. Alas..... accompanying me to do my revision!!!!

ADORABLE!!!!... Im doing my study accompanied by this cute little fella!!!

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