Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Friday, January 28, 2011


I had received an annual dinner invitation from my company yesterday but i feel hesitated to go and to confirmed of my attendance, so i just leave that email of invitation without any reply hoping that no one in my office will ever asking me to go together.

As what i have expected...Today, as soon as i reach office (Alamak, Seriously i dun wanna go), my boss Damian, my supervisor Sonny & Alvin advice me to join as there will be a lucky draw and high chances on winning. Sonny inform that a ratio 8 out of 10 staff will surely got their number being called upon collecting the lucky draw price on stage. Furthermore, the price is quite like i can say... luxurious. Yeah luxurious!!! ... as for example LED Screen PC Monitor, iPhone, Computer, External Hardisk, printer, Notebook & lots more. (Well yeah, "IT" Company what else can u think of the price..hehe)

After hearing that, i've feel like joining but.... i do not have any idea of what type of apparel should i wear????.... It's a "FUTURISTIC" Dress Code. Should i wear someting silver but casual or something like what Lady Gaga is wearing? Well kind of, but not exactly what Lady Gaga is wearing hehe. Or something like what "The Matrix" character is putting on, well Neo's outfit is kinda elegant. This is the problem what makes me refuse to attend in the 1st place. I'm not that kind of all dressed up person so i might need a time to think hehe. A silver Blouse and black trousers might be just nice for a person who's as simple as me.. :-)

*** I love the GALA invitation card. I feel like i was Neo...kakakakaka!!!!! FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT........

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