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Friday, June 10, 2011

Samsung PL120.

I bought a new digital camera lastweek if im not mistaken on the 5th June 2011, right after work. Since that almost all of my colleague are there in the office to celebrate Alvin's Suprised Birthday so it will include all to gather and take picture for memories. I manage to take photos by using my Experia X10i which is for me quite good but lack of sharpness in the photo quality due to non Cybershot / Powershot categories.

So, due to that, i have been decided to buy a new brand camera for myself, a small powershot camera which will be easy for me to carry & bring it along wherever i go. Just slip it in my pocket and yeah very convinient. I did not aim to get SLR or DSLR camera since that it is too big to carry everyday. So on that day itself after work, Sony, Damian & i went to Low Yatt Plaza to seek for the price of my aimed camera Samsung PL120. I surveyed the price at Photozoom which is fixed RM599 without discount since that it is new arrival. Some other samsung shop got same price but discounted only for like 5%.

Low Yatt story,... we search for the camera price from one shop to another shop and the cheapest so far is cost around RM550. Luckily that Damian got a friend who's owned a camera shop in Low Yatt and we went there and as to my suprise......... the camera cost only for RM480,..Wow!!!!! Okay, the camera is original, but as Damian said that his friend shop sales target is not base on sales for benefit but, sales to gain trust from the customer in order to get more customer coming in and buy.

Well, here it is,... my new camera Samsung PL120.

14 megapixels
5x 26-130mm lens (35mm equivalent)
2.7-inch LCD
1.5-inch front-facing LCD
Digital image stabilization
720p movie capture
Dualview LCD.

Yeah i know the specs is not as good as SLR / DSLR far more diff but as i said that i aimed for a small and easy to carry. Furthermore,... at least it is a Powershot with 14MP. Love it!!!!!!!!

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