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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moving Eyelids.

I dunno Y do my eyelids keep moving, jumping, twitching and having spasms for about nearly a year now since early January or a few months before that. Its Kinda redness or pain whereas my eyes feels fine.
Kelopak mata kanan ku asyik bergerak, and during that period till Mac or April as i can remember mata kiri plak yg amik alih. Till now... kelopak mata kiri yg asyik bergerak. Yg aku ingat, drpd org tua dulu2 mengatakan itu satu alamat yg menandakan either bad or good things will come / happen to us. Aku sebenarnya kurang pasti,... tapi memang sejak Januari 2010 atau bbrp bulan sebelumnya,... kelopak mata aku selalu bergerak. Sebelum tu mmg jrg sgt bergerak.... ermmmm. Kesan aliran darah kuttt.. nak kena pi buat check up la gamak nye.

Setelah Membuat Kajian... Ni lah hasil yg aku dpt. Ade gak benarnya :-

"As an optician I have had the opportunity to ask my optometrist about this before. It typically is nothing to worry about. In most cases, as mentioned below, it can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, heavy computer use without resting the eyes, too much caffeine. I have had this occur and concluded it was due to most of the above. I have been told applying warm water and a wash cloth can help relax the lid muscles and help reduce the twitching. It generally lasts a week or two and will go away on its own."
Sources : Personal experience and advice from optometrists.

Aku rase ade benarnye... maybe disebabkan stress / Heavy computer use without resting the eyes. Tapiiiiiii... ermmm dah lama dah aku keja mengadap computer hampir 9 -12 jam setiap hari & stress neh....since 2004, xmungkin plak mata start kerap bergerak since January 2010 / bbrp bulan sebelum tu. Hmmmmm.....

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