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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Population 436

Last Monday that i was staying at my sister house & watch this movie on astro (Not quite sure which channel was it) tittled "POPULATION 436". It was an interesting movie which never makes me sit quietly watching and once if the suspence part came, i would rather switch the channel....

(Taken from
"Population 436" is about a U.S. census taker who visits the Midwestern town of Rockwell Falls to investigate an anomaly: For more than 100 years, the town's population has always been exactly 436. What could be the reason for this strange-- what's that? You've already figured it out? Aw, crap.

Cast: Jeremy Sisto,Charlotte Sullivan, Fred Durst.

I never thought that this is a Mystery Thriller movie because i never see the poster.I just happen to be interested to watch as though it was a Normal Family Base Storyline hahaha. Directed by "X-Files" veteran Michelle Maxwell MacLaren.

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