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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall down, get up.

10:30pm..Lagi setengah jam nak balik, today i work noon....
Tetiba je,..i miss my previous workplace besides FFD where at first i thought its better for me to leave for the sake of my future career with NGO which i think will give me a total satisfaction in career anhancement,.. tup2,i gain nothing from it, totally nothing but hatred. Now... after leaving NGO,... i obtain a new job but i really feel downgraded, aku betul2 rase terjatuh.
I feel totally regret. Regret for leaving FFD and my colleague before working with NGO.
Kata org maybe ada hikmah sesuatu itu berlaku.Anyhow, aku pasrah,.. & tetap bersyukur, Alhamdulillah.
But the regret feeling is still there conquering my mind & emotions. I can't help it till i feel like crying is the only solution...:-(
Walaupun aku rasa aku dah tersilap langkah tetapi harapan ku moga langkah ku itu sebenarnya tidak tersasar drpd menuju kecemerlangan dlm kerjaya % kehidupan yg lebih baik serta bermakna.

By Bill Cottringer

Colored by our perceptions,
Shaped by our responses.
Born from failures,
Learned from lessons.
The choice—
Fall down, get up.
Fall down again,
Get up again.
Detours and distractions,
But always opportunities
To win or learn—
Traveling a new road,
Climbing a new mountain,
Crossing a new river:
Doing better than last time.

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