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Friday, December 17, 2010

PC Games tryout.

It seems that nowadays, im so into PC Games. Reason???? Well im surrounded by PC Games "GEEK" i would say, where i always been in a conversation with them on it by who else if not my own officemate Paulson and Jason, kakakaka,... Love them for introducing me to this such games in which im having a reluctancy to get into it lastime. Frankly speaking, the only PC Games that caught my attention all this while is The Sims......:-)
These "new" 2 PC Games ("new"for me,LOL- Yeahh i admit, im a very yesterday person in this field) is my new tryout... Nampak sgt aku ni ketinggalan dlm PC Games nih kan.LOL.

Thanks Paulson for the games disk installation - RED ALERT 3 & LEFT 4 DEAD. Is there any new?... LOL!!!!!

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