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Friday, February 25, 2011

Gol & Gincu (Goalpost & Lipstick)

Dah byk kali gak aku tonton cite neh. X boring sebab suka tgk pelakon2 die especially Fazura & Sazzy. The Movie poster is like so inviting, love it. Now tgh tgk movie ni through Youtube tapi byk kali pause2 sebab tgh handle issue. Kalau issue dah settle, baru sambung tgk balik. 1st time tgk movie ni tahun 2005 if x silap aku la. The story is a "legally blonde" or "Bend it like Beckham" kind of. Cuma Legally blonde xde bola.:-)

Synopsis :-
This movie follows the development of one girl from fashion victim to futsal champion, learning along the way about what is important in life and love. College trendsetter Putri is determined to win back her sports-mad ex-boyfriend by turning into a futsal heroine herself. Facing prejudice and ridicule, and discovering, through her motley futsal team, the many difficulties faced by women in sports, Putri gradually finds within herself the strength and values of a true winner, on and off the pitch.
Cast-Nur Fazura, Sazzy Falak, Ashraf Sinclair, Rafidah Abdullah, Mohd. Pierre Andre, Sharifah Amani, Kartini Kamalul Arifin, Celina Khor, Zarina Zainoodin, Anding

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