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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dreams Back in the day.

I had a dream back in the day when i was a child and i can't recall of my age at that time where till now i still can remember it quite vividly. I was sitting on a flying ship,..

and when i look around... all i can see is ocean.

I just sit on the fying ship and enjoy my every moment on it till the ship come accross a building that look like a Palace with a shape structure of capital letter "L" kinda. It was so beautiful and i want to step my foot on it. I jump over the flying ship and fall into the ocean and manage to swim to the banks of the river. I do not know what is happening after that but that is all i can remember. My dream stops there. But all this while since i got the dream, i was wondering & searching images of the palace i saw in my dream till last year (2010) i had figured it out by seeing this picture while browsing for a news on Palestine. And this building is the palace that i saw in my dream long time ago.... Kinda L shape and look like a palace, im not quite sure but this is how it looks from where i stand on the flying ship. All this while before figuring out that it is the Al Aqsa Mosque, i just presume it is a beautiful palace with an "L" shape in my dream without realizing that it really exist.
Al Aqsa Mosque(The one with the "GREY" Dome)

Al-Aqsa Mosque in Baitulmaqdis is the second oldest mosque in Islam after the Ka'ba in Mecca, and is third in holiness and importance after the mosques in Mecca and Medinah.

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