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Friday, February 25, 2011

Creating a blog for Alvin.

Got nothing to do with less issue during tonight shift, i have decided to create a blog for my shift partner Alvin. As per Alvin request to decorate his blog by applying a basic black color background all over. Together searching for his suitable blog name is quite a mind pressing when suddenly i came about thinking of Alvin's personality where he is wearing a spectacle...hehe. Alvin agree and TADAAAAAAA!!!!There it is - Alvin Spectacle,... i ve prepared the banner and adding widgets into his blog to make it look quite interesting.
This is Alvin's blog banner which i had created. Too simple, but i love it tho. Alvin also like it.....hehehe

Below is the blog, all in black as per request except for the banner. hihihihi.
Updated on 02:37am

Later on, Alvin Change his decision for me to replace the banner of his blog by using his very own spectacle. I Took his spectacle and find a proper place to take picture and alter it to become alvin's blog banner. Below is the outcome -:

Nice or not?... hahaha Still too simple right but i love it ok. Now that Alvin's blog has got its new 10 minutes made banner.

As for the launching of Alvin's new blog, i gave him a piece of advice, "update your blog and never hibernate quite too long because you already have a private follower, which is me!!! hahahahahahaha.

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