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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Forehead Frown lines.

I think i shouldn't get this as yet. Get what?... FOREHEAD LINES!!!!! hehe Should i? The answer is it depends.

Well i saw a few people younger than me who is having so many wrinkle on their forehead, some got one or two lines but its "deep". All this while i thought that it only happens when people reached 30 and above, something that relates with age, but i was totally wrong. I have met a random person everyday, making friends and a few of them is playing a guessing game on me for their age when i ask for it. So, i just give them the answer base on the wrinkle line on their forehead & maturity looks. If there is lines then i guess he/she must be 29 to 35 years above. My guess is totally wrong when they said they re just like 23 0r 24... well sometimes im correct if the face is still considered younger (childish /fresh teenage looks). I met people aged 30 years and above that doesn't have fore head line as well.

Now that i must say,... it happens to a young people too even for teenagers so make sure u keep on washing ur face every day and every hour(lol), drink a lot of warm water, take less oil dishes for meals, eat more fruits, go for facial / face massage once in a while and live a healthy lifestyle. Take warm water everyday is enough said fine for me.:-)

I saw this question below in Yahoo! Answers when searching for info about forehead lines, as to prove of my statement - forehead lines doesn't has anything to do with age.

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