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Friday, March 4, 2011

High Yellow Gecko.

I was like 'EEEeeeeUUUWWWW!!!!" as soon as i saw this reptilia belongs to my boss Damian in his Facebook Pic. But nevertheless,.... this baby so called lizard is so cute and it looks tame though. Damian's friend gave it to him for free!! The price range is like rm30 to 50 in the market.

Damian is asking me if i want it too so that he can ask his friend whther there got another high yellow gecko for me. I don't think so i want it as my pet. It looks cute but i might get bitten when its getting bigger.

A Baby leopard gecko shedding its skin and then eats its skin after he sheds it. It normally eats small insect when its grew older but in the wild they eat mostly extreme insects such as spiders and scorpions.They will eat anything that moves, and love silk worms and super worms (should only be offered to adults).

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