Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thinking Crap.

Lying on my bed near the window with Flip Flap flowers,.. thinking of todays activities. I start working at 7pm today so my activities has to be finish before that (i don't think so for some of it).

1. Lunch - Maybe late in the afternoon before 7pm.
2. Shower - Of course before went to work.
3. Doing laundry - For apparel, will send it over to the laundry service by tomorrow. I got tons of pieces in my laundry basket. Why not today? Well, its up to me...hehehe
4. Laundry for underwear?- LOL!!! I might do it myself (wash,brush..etc) at home. Is there any laundry service out there which accept underwears & boxers? Oh how i wish there got self service laundry nearby!!!! Pity me, got no washing machine at home.
5. Tidying up my room - Might be tomorrow, Not in mood.
6. Watching movies- Nahhhhhhhhhh...
7. Dreaming - Yesssssssssss

Urgghhhhh...enough on this crap.. im starving, need to find food. Tata for now.............

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