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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Should or Shouldn't i?

At the Airport Food Court, while waiting for my Sis Arrival from Riyadh, i was sitting & browsing into the internet patiently at the place where got a lot of people sitting as to avoid being alone in one place, it'll be Scary. Then there got this chinese uncle sat next to my table looking very friendly towards everyone. He was with his daughter i guess. He approaches me and ask whether i was waiting for a flight and i said no that i was waiting for someone.
He then said to me that he's been staying here in LCCT Airport for 8 days. This is because he had been robbed while taking his daughter shopping at KLCC last 2 weeks.
He is now left nothing (maybe got a few hundred bucks as i can see food on his table) i dunno well thats what he said. He does not have money to buy flight ticket back to his hometown. 8 days!! just imagine how can he survive as he is waiting for his brother from US fly to Malaysia just to give him money on this Sunday (3 days more). He also inform that his bank account does not valid here in Malaysia as he runs a business in Hong Kong. Rich man though.... well i can see from the way he dressed,.. proper and clean.

Im not quite sure what to do as i have had encountered this type of situation several time and was so generous (am i?hihi) to give them money. But now due to this case... should or shouldn't i? 1 Malaysia right? How if he's lying? I trust him though. He looks so rich. Can we give money to rich people? Is there any return on this?... Well i dun mind to give a few bucks but..... yeahhh i also need money to survive till i got my salary end of this month. A few bucks should be fine right & i hope he is not demanding though.I gave him 10 bucks.... With full of sincerity Hmmmmmmmm

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