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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Port Dickson- End of July 2011 Trip (Part 5)

We went to Bagan lalang in the afternoon to have our dinner together. It takes around 20 minutes to reach there by car from Glory Beach Resort (The place where we're staying). Bagan Lalang is really crowded with people coming from another city. We are having fun taking snapshot of the sun set before proceed with our Bagan Lalang dine. The sunset is just taken at the beach nearby Bagan Lalang restaurant. Such a nice view..... :-)
Our drinks menu include of Fresh Orange & Water Melon Juice.

Hot & Spicy Asian Seabass (Ikan Siakap).

Spicy Condiment Crab.

3 Flavours Cod Fish (Ikan Kerapu).

Squid with Spicy Condiment.

Lala Oyster... Yummy!!!

Bamboo Shellfish...

Fried Squid...

What a great Seafood dinner.......:-)

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