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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fiesta Flora 2011 Putrajaya (Part One).

I was just went back from Fiesta Flora Putrajaya 2011 and straight away working right after hehehe. Now was in the office updating this hehe.
Went there together with Sony, Shamim, Damian and Low. Our meet up point is at Ampang McD and we head off to Putrajaya at about 2pm by Sony's Saga. Our journey from Ampang to Putraya went quite well as lucky that both Low and Damian is well aware of the way leads to the our main destination. Our journey runs smoothly without any jammed on the traffic.

As soon as we reach our destination, we're quite amaze by the Fiesta wide space with Flower stalls along the way and we can see millions of Flowers from outside. Below are a few pictures taken from the Fiesta.

Above picture is the Main Entrance.

TO BE CONTINUED.... - Fiesta Flora 2011 Putrajaya (Part Two).

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