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Monday, July 4, 2011

Pak Long Char Koey Teow & Night Market- Chow Kit.

My Bestfriend Jazz has just coming back from his vacation in Macau. He drop by and spend a day here in KL before flying back to Sarawak the nextday. Staying at Chow Kit Cititel and i was rushingly made my way there right after the Saisaki buffet finished at around 10pm. Feel really glad to meet bff here in KL and i got this nice souvenir from Macau... a fridge magnet!! LOL..Thanks Jazz!!!!

At around 11pm, Jazz & i creep around the hotel area looking for some interesting food to eat. After walking for quite a while, jazz suddenly saw this Char Kuay Teow lorry stall located just opposite Kampung Baru Mosque, which is in front of 7Eleven. For sure i did not eat as im full of Saisaki's buffet so i decided to just take a drink while Jazz will have his night supper. Char Kuy Teow (Below pic) look so delicious though.

Then at around 12am, i take Jazz to the night market somewhere in chow kit (around Menara Safuan) where there got so many stall selling a variety of fresh fruits. This fruit below really caught my attention as i have never ever in my life seen Lychee before it is peeled off..LOL!!!!!!

Alas, we bought this dokong fruit instead of the Lychee..hehehehe.

Morning the nextday, 3rd July 2011 as early as 5.30am, we are already on our way heading to KL Central as Jazz flight back to Sarawak will be at 10am. He took a shuttle bus from KL Central direct to the airport as better to reach early to avoid rushing over flight departure. Jazz, See you on EID 2011!!! Tata. :-)

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