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Thursday, July 28, 2011

International Weekday Buffet at TEMPTationS, Renaissance Hotel KL.

I was having a Dinner buffet again last three days which is on the 25th July 2011 at Temptations, Renaissane Hotel Kuala Lumpur. This buffet is by the way had been booked earlier due to its validation booking date till mid July which i think it has already over. I attend the buffet together with my fellow friends Sony, Damian, Alvin, Low, Andi and Paulson. As usual,... my "hobbit" will play its part to take picture for the whole buffet event especially to take pictures of the delicacies.....

Above Picture : We are like "Entourage" as we reach the hotel and it seems like the "Eaters" had arrived to grab all the food served in!!!!!

Above picture - Renaissance Hotel Lobby.

What a nice buffet at Temptations. Love that Satay a lot. I was by the way craving for Temptations Tandoori chicken as being advertise, but sadly it is hasn't been served on the day we go. Sad!!!!!

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