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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Port Dickson - Updates from Glory Beach Resort.

Im now in the living room of our apartment at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson. Still got so many activity for me to update but i might just continue to write tomorrow. Got to go to bed as i need to get enough sleep for tomorrows energy.

Below pic - i was updating in the apartment living room:-)

At the same time eating this rambutan which has been peeled by Sony and Damian early this evening after we had our dinner at Bagan Lalang. Well, our Bagan Lalang dinner will be update later by today as i need to go to bed now already.

I can see from the balcony that there were some folks is having a barbeque party downstairs nearby the beach... hmmmmmm...:-)

Sweet Dreams Dear Blogger friends...:-)

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