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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chop N Steak, Kpg Baru Kl.

Im having a Western Dinner with Sony and Damian yesterday night as the venue by the way is not in the list of our Jalan2 Cari Makan plan. Damian and Sony call to invite me for a dinner together at Kampung Baru and i was about to take a nap on my bed at that moment since that i was just reaching home from work. Well, it looks like i have got no choice as to get up and get ready to join them whereby im at the same time starving. Our venue for dinner is at Chop N Steak Restaurant, Kampung Baru Kl.
The food served is variety and the choice are only for Western Food. What i like most about this restaurant is the interior decoration seems to be like in a ship. I feel like i was having a dinner in a ship and it will be great if Captain Jack Sparrow appears to be in the restaurant too LOL!!!!!

Our dinner is just as simple as the photos taken below. A normal delicacies for Western menus. Im into Chicken Chop and the mushroom sauce is so tasty and creamy. Furthermore, those grilled Tiger Prawns ordered by Damian look so delicious!!!! Yummmmmm.

So Readers,... go and try on the variety of Western Menus at Chop N Steak and Enjoy your meals!!!!!


afqafq said...

pernah makan sini. sedap jugak.

station21, bangsar foodcourt belakang bangsar village pun sedap kalau nak makan sizzling steak, chic chop. :)

eLham Hardy said...

Hi afqafq.

Bole tahan.Time makan ari tu pun chicken chop die mmg sedap sebab rasa kuah black pepper & mushroom die sedap & pekat.

Eh, Bagus gak idea tu, Station21. :-)

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