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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sony Ericson Experia X10.

At last...........
I had bought a new brand handphone, Sony Ericsson Experia X10. The price is quite i can say value for money, as at least i could afford it without have to think of a tight budget. There's a bit of a complicated part for me to adapt with the phone features on how to use it for the 1st time since it was a touchscreen controller device, but now,... im already use to it as i had read the manual given and explore it by myself. Quite hard though, but I managed to get into every bit of the handphone functions only within 2 days. Seems that my 1st time using it will be an entire lesson learnt for new knowledge. The phone is an iPhone kind of and mine is back in color.

One thing that make my feelings not in a total satisfaction after having it is "the Picture". Yeahhhh sure it is good as 8.1 megapixel, but it's not a cybershot which at 1st i though it was. As a whole,.. im glad for having it though. Below are a few photos taken by using its camera funtion. Yet It will deliver good, bright and sharp photos only if it is not taken in the dark because of no flash settings. I mean,.. this phone got no flashes...hehehe... well what u see in real life when snapping the shot is what u get in the photo.

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