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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Redbox during lunchtime.

Pagi semalam, aku x tido sebab balik umah kol 8am, straight away switched on my notebook just to check whether my Bff Jazz is around in skype hehe. Since that he is not there to chat which i thought that he must be awake by now so i just relax for 1 hour or 2 waiting for a plan that have been set today with Damian & Sonny, gonna enjoy our karaoke at Redbox Low Yatt Plaza later at 11am.:-)

Reaching Redbox at around 11am, we have set the duration of 2 to 3 hours for karaoke session, hehehe. Sonny's voice is amazing, she really can sing!! Not bad for Damian, Me? I just sing whatever skills i have (LOL!!!) and SLEEPING as i do not get enough sleep when our plan starts at 10:30am and my duty end at 7am so i got lack of time napping at home. And apart from that, the food menus is superb, Quite i can say...... not that bad!!! Below are the menus three of us had ordered.

<--Damian's Lamb Chop.

Sony's Beef Spaghetti & Fishball.-->

<--Mine. Mackerel with Spicy Condiment.

Side Dish. Sausage & some kind of fish thingy food.------->


My Drinks. Lemon sprite.-->

We hang in the Redbox for like 4 hours and ended feeling fresh and away from pressure LOL..... Love...:-)

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