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Saturday, April 23, 2011

To My Grandpa : Get Well Soon.

I've got a call from my mum & Mak Su yesterday noon,... asking me to go back home for a few days due to my Grandpa's health condition. Mak Su inform me that Grandpa's falling down a few weeks ago causing him to walk by using a walking stick.
Im quite shock of the news and since that everyone is worry about my Grandpa's condition, my uncles & aunties frequently come over to Grandpa as to keep an eye on him. My Mum & Mak Su's advicing me to come back because we cant predict what will happen next as my Grandpa's health condition now seems to be really bad. I miss him...

Okay, now i need to find out the best day for me to take a few days leave & book a flight tix back home straight away......... Can't wait to meet my Grandpa. I felt so responsible as to visit him as i feel sorry for what had happened.

Aku doakan moga Nek Haji cepat sembuh & Allah panjangkan usia Nek Haji. Yong sayang Nenek..:-(
14:00pm : I just receive a call from my Sister (Kak Noor) mention that my Grandpa's condition today seems to be a lot better than before... Alhamdulillah.

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