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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

JOGOYA Japanese Buffet.

This this our group trip of Jalan2 Cari Makan. The venue chosen is JOGOYA Japanese Buffet @ Starhill Gallery Bukit Bintang (Above Picture). We booked a lunch buffet from 12pm till 2pm and it was during the promotion period that we count on the price. Exact price promotion is RM98++ per person, yet 2nd person will be free of charge. We got 6 person altogether so, each will have to pay only RM50...LOL!!! The promotion ends today y'all (27th April 2011).Our group for this trip is including me, Fadli, Damian, Jason, Alvin and Raymond. Well let us see the dishes served by JOGOYA as below.

Above Pic: Coconut will always be a Fav. All 6 of us must get coconut drinks in the 1st place before anything else. There got another lot of drink menus in the list such as Mango, apple, Guava, Chocolate, Kiwi etc which you can chose.

Above Picture: Tempura is my favourite in any japanese buffet. I love its crispiness.

Above Picture: Small Oyster and cuttlefish.

Above picture: A mixture of dishes such as steamed crab, fried squids, samosa, Tentacle with condiment etc...

Above picture: Half cooked egg poured with sweet gravy kinda.

Above Picture: Steamed Fish.

Above Picture: A variety of sushi.

Above picture: This is what i take on my plate hehehe. Tentacle with spicy condiment, Spicy Prawns Ketchup fish and shashimo (pregnant fish).

Above Picture: A variety of cakes including tiramisu for dessert.

Above picture: Muffins & cookies.

Above picture: Last but not least, my favourite... ICE CREAM. This is a new zealand ice. There are two brand of ice creams you can get at JOGOYA which is Haagen Dasz & New Zealand.

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