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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tenji Japanese Buffet Gourmet Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara.

Im having a heavy dine out treat last few days with Alvin, Paulson, Damian and Low, all 5 of us for a buffet at Tenji Japanese Buffet, Gourmet Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara. At first i thought that all the delicacies are non Halal as there got no Halal certification lable on the restaurant comm board. But after made a few research, i find out that all the food serves is Halal with a statement of "Pork Free". Halal lable does not stated because they include alcohol drink in the list of drink menus, as the reason why the restaurant is not approved by JAKIM. But there got many other choices of drinks such as Fresh Orange, Melon, Guava, Kiwi & lots more. As i reach there,... i can see Muslim people dined inside, fine for me as long as i did not take alcohol drinks. But For those who is quite particular about the meat,.. you can just eat seafood or sushi or fine juices as im not quite sure whether the chicken and meat served is slaughtered based on Islam conditions.

Pictures below are the delicacies served by Tenji. The menus is like Scallop, cuttlefish, Cocoon Bamboo, Oyster, Variety of Sushi, Stir Fry Tao Miu, Mayonaisse Salad Prawns, Assorted dry fish, Dumplings, Shasimi Salmon, Oyster Sauce Kailan, Honey Chicken wings, Octopus ball, Black Pepper sauce lamb, Steamed & pregnant fish, Creamy coffee, Multichoice of pizzas, drink & brownies & finally Multichoice of Haagen Dasz Ice cream......Whooahhhhh...


Scallop & a few raw fishes.

Oyster Cocoon Bamboo 7 other raw fish

Variety Of Sushi

Assorted Dry Fish

Multichoice Of Pizzas & Honey chicken.

Shashimi Salmon & Cuttlefish.

Juicy Coconut Drink.

Stir Fry Tao Miu.

Multichoice of Haagen Dasz Ice cream.

Creamy coffee.

The view outside Tenji at solaris Mont Kira is super Magnificent. Love it...

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