Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Late Breakfasting & Missed Terawikh.:-(

I came home at noon from work yesterday and suddenly sleep it off right after finished playing "Lef 4 Dead" in my bedroom. I feel so tired as being hit by a critical issue during my morning shift which makes me kind of extremely exhausted. I sleep and sleep..... till shockingly awake and straight away pledge to fast for the nextday fasting without realize that i had been overslept!!! In my mind i thought that it was early in the morning when it was by the way 8:57pm right after looking at my X10 clock.

Only then i realize that I had missed the time for today breakfasting and swallow myself with plain water. Duhhh!!!! what a day, i didnt had my meals till 1.30am. I really hope that my fasting on the 12th day considered valid as i did not even pledge for breakfasting (berbuka). I was so drowsy after awake!!!!

I missed Terawikh the day i had a chance to go just because of overslept past breakfasting time,... so sad..:-(

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