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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

T-Shirt, Money exchange & An Eid Malay house.

I was just came back from KLCC to buy a few t-shirt that i had bought the last time i went shopping with BFF Sam two weeks ago at Topman which got me 4 pieces. I got so keen on the t-shirt cutting and bought 4 pieces in different color again!!!. Now that i got 8 pieces altogether (same pattern but different color),... Hmmmmm that's about it, enough to shop for more. Done. Kopek aku kang, dah nak dekat raya dah neh.

Then again,.. duit raya untuk angpau pun aku dah tukar. Lucky the process of exchanging the money does not take quite long and im Glad that the Bank teller conferred upon me for his good & friendly services. Thanks !! Bolehlah aku budget awal-awal berapa nak masukkan dalam angpow raya untuk cousins & anak2 buahku.kikikiki

Right after shopping, aku berjalan- jalan sekejap kat KLCC. Sempat snap gambar rumah melayu (A malay House) kat main hall. The house is looking so glorious with its lights and flowery decoration & i got stuck therre for a few minutes to take photos of it.

Right after that, i went to Maxis centre at KLCC Ground Floor to pay my broadband bills & then straight away heading home by taking Putra LRT.......:-)

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